Pronunciation: A work in progress….

Samson: "Shit shit"  (nooo, Porter… "SAM-SON!") "Shit shit son!"
Daddy’s shorts: "Daddy’s shit"
Sit down: "Shit Down"
Put my shirt on: "Shit on!"
Sip of water, mama: "Shit water, mama"

We have some work to do. 

  1. OMG!!! He is so funny…LOL! Alyssa used to say something that sounded exactly like a curse word, and I can’t for the life of me remember what it was.

  2. That is so Funny! My nephew couldn’t say his T’s & was fascinated with trucks. My sister would be shopping at the toy store,my cute little nephew would be yelling “FRUCK, FRUCK” meaning truck but completely sounding like the worst word. She would get Horrible looks from other moms in the store.

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