Random feelings for this weekend:

  • Feeling frustrated with my lack of organization.
  • Feeling a little too sensitive and a little overly hormonal about things I probably should just take with a grain of salt.
  • Feeling like I never really get anything accomplished
  • Feeling happy that the weather is beautiful and we finally have gorgeous fall leaves.
  • Feeling very distanced from most of my friends.  Wondering if its me and my lack of effort or if I’m just thinking too much into it.
  • Feeling uncreative with my photography.
  • Feeling lazy. And I’m sure my lack of energy has a bunch to do with the fact that I have been eating so poorly lately.
  • Feeling irritated with many people and things in general.
  • Feeling excited about the newborn session I have this afternoon
  • Feeling fed up with all the negativity in my life
  • Feeling proud of P-man and all the jibber jabber and new words that come out of his mouth.  Music to my ears… most of the time.
  • Feeling cooped up in this tiny house.  Can’t wait to move sometime in this lifetime
  • Feeling guilty that I don’t take Porter outside to play more often

  1. Hey sweetie…we all get that overwhelming, I’m feeling grumpy and annoyed at everyone days. Own it! It too, shall pass.

    ps. if you want to feel better, check out my blog with new pics of Cadi in her Santa suit! It’s too cute! (She’s going to kill me when she’s 18 for this outfit)

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