Naptime Nazi

Well, I should update on our naptime situation… with Porter getting out of bed and all.

First day: 1hr 15minutes.  GAH!  This was literally me standing next to his bed and returning him to bed every 2-10 seconds.  Ridiculous.

Second day: he fell asleep in the car on the way home, so no struggle there.

Third day: 30 minutes!  WOO HOO! Same situation… had to stand by his bed or else I’d be running back and forth from his door to his bed.  He seriously thinks its a funny game.

Fourth day: fell asleep in car.

Fifth day: 24 minutes.  Getting better.  I should mention that I got home from work and was starving so I put him in his room and closed the door for about 20 minutes while I ate lunch and he wreaked holy havoc on his room.  I walked in to his bookshelf half emptied, his ottoman overturned and everything from his bed all over the floor.  We won’t be trying the “close the door and let him fall asleep on his own” method.

Today is Saturday.  Day Six.  Ryan’s day to play Naptime Nazi.  Poor unsuspecting guy has no idea what he’s in for once he gets back from school.  And he wonders why I’m too exhausted in the afternoons to do anything but sit on my butt and watch tv.  I stand by Dude’s bed and do 200 25lb child-lifts!!  HAHA!  My arms should be getting strong.

I should also mention: bedtime is not a struggle at all.  He goes right to bed with no problems.  Probably because its dark and he’s just ready for sleep.

I’ll fill you in later.  Ry should be home aaaaannnyyy time.

Tonight we have a Halloween Party (my mom is throwing).  Its raining right now… great.  I’ll post pics later of our costumes.

  1. Wow! That sounds exactly what Norah was doing at almost 2. I totally remember those days – standing in the middle of her room – laying her down as soon as she started to get up. I also remember her destroying her room!! I was determined that at 21 months she still needed a nap. For us, it lasted about 2 weeks – then she finally realized that I meant business. We also had middle of the night issues (like we are having again) – glad you aren’t. Sounds like you are doing a great job and before you know it – it won’t be a problem.

  2. Ha ha!! Can’t wait! Your luck, Porter will be all tuckered out & go right to sleep & make a fibber out of you! My kids looove to do that!

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