Saturday Naptime Update:

What kind of crap is this!

Ryan puts him in bed and begins to get out his Subway sandwich.

"Don’t get too comfy.  He’ll be out of bed in a minute."

A minute later, P is knocking on the door.

Ryan puts him in bed, tells him to lay down. Closes the door.

A few minutes later I hear him playing in there.  Ryan checks on him.   

"Lay down!"

Porter lays down.

Ryan closes the door.

We listen to Porter rambling in bed for about 10 minutes and then… quiet.

That was it.  THAT WAS IT!  Are you KIDDING ME?   I spent all week putting that kid back in bed… and he has to replace him once and thats it?

Ok… I’m going with the old saying "I loosened the lid before I had you help me." (like… when you go to open a jar of something and you try and try, hand it to someone else and POP its off easy as pie?).  Today must have just been his "realization" day where he knew what was going to happen if he kept getting out of bed.

Alright, at least thats whats making me feel better about my hellish week and Ryan’s single, simple naptime.  GRRR. 

  1. My kids do that all the time with my Ryan… I complain about how torturous naptimes are, or how short of naps they’ve decided to take all week, or any other situation I’m having a hard time with with them, and then here comes the weekend; Dad’s home, I’m excited that he gets a taste of what I deal with all the time, and whaddya know…

    They are perfect little angels, staying in their beds or taking like a four hour nap or just doing the opposite of what they do for me. And then Ryan looks at me like he’s the Father of the Year and why the heck did I think that was so hard?!!

    Arghhh…. why do they do that??

  2. I think you’re right, you did all the “prep” work. I hope next week goes better for you. We have not even attempted Morgan in a big girl bed yet, I think you are doing great!

  3. Go figure, right! How frustrating!
    That’s kind of like how my little guy only, bites, hits, and tantrums for me. Never does these things to his Dad! Ugh!

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