The Baker and his oven

Its 10pm and I’m home already.  I was getting tired so I loaded Porter up and brought him home.  Ryan stayed to chit chat and hang out and, luckily my mom lives about 3 blocks down the road so he can just walk home when he’s ready.  I thought I’d get a nice, quiet evening to sit and watch tv, but our neighbors are having some kind of party and all I
can hear is this annoying repetitive rap music… the beat reminds me of an Eminem song.  “doo doo doo doo, do do do dooo,  dum doo do dooo. doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo, dum do do doooo”  Bleh. All I can hear is the beat.  Annoying.

Here are our costumes:

And, just in case you don’t “get it”, wander on over here.

And Porter was a little lion.  “Raarrrrr!”  He’s actually supposed to be Goliath from JoJo’s Circus (my niece Aubri is dressing up as JoJo for Halloween… I’m hoping we’ll get them together to get some pictures). They do sell an actual Goliath costume but its hideous… one of those “heads growing out of the kids head” type of costume.


I wish I had been creative and thought of a super cute, “unique” costume like I did last year, but I just didn’t have the energy to put into it this year.  And I was fresh out of ideas.  I mean, how can you top this cute, feathery little chicken last year?

(Ryan kept saying we should have dressed him as a wolf this year with a few feathers hanging out of his mouth.  Cute, but uh… how are you going to get a one year old to keep a few stray feathers by his mouth? HAAH!)

Anyhow, he’s sporting the Old Navy-Made costume this year and I think it looks pretty darn cute on him.

  1. Congratulations!! Your costumes are too cute…great idea! I was reading your baby blog and read about you being worried about the baby because of a previous miscarriage. I know what that’s like…even though I’ve given birth three times since my miscarriage, it’s something that always stays with you and you worry about each pregnancy. Lucky you to have a sonographer as a mom though! Hope things go well and rest when you can…the last few months will be a challenging as well with a toddler running around! And I too wish I could be skinny and pregnant…each time I thought just maybe, but always proven wrong :). Good luck!

  2. Cute costumes! Last year I wanted Leslie and Jade to get the bun in the oven and baker costume!! Thats too funny! I love it!
    P looks sooo cute as a lion! Where do you guys like to go trick-or-treating at?

  3. Loved your costumes….we were going to get the bun maker costume late year, but we opted not to go all together. Porter has changed so much last year and this year. It’s hard to believe.

  4. Congratulations,I was afraid I had given it away when I commented way back. I’m so excited another blog to read! You’re costumes looked great and Porter looks so sweet!

  5. CONGRATS!!! hmm, i THOUGHT i read something on kim t’s baby blog in a comment from a nicole… something about being pregnant. and i was like, i wonder… ?? so i’ve kind of been waiting for some announcement. 😉 so happy for you! and happy you have another baby blog (that is how i originally found you online was through porter’s baby blog). can’t wait to follow along 🙂 hope you’re feeling okay!

  6. Congratulations!! Your costume took a while for me to “get it”, but that is soo creative!! I’m so happy for you! Everyone I know seems to be pregnant now!!–Guess I will still keep drinking the water! Congrats!!

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