Welcoming some new bloggers to BlogLand

First off is Mandi Haney… I went to college with her at Spring Arbor and she now lives in NC.  Read about her Just Married life at Le Haneys

Next is Maria Hosmer, who is Leslie’s cousin.  I also know her from the Cheeky Monkey’s Mom’s Group and her family has been wonderful clients of mine as well.  Her blog is only two posts new, but she already is showing potential to be a hilarious read!  Read about her adventures with her "A-Team" at Hosmerville. 

Last up is my dear husband.  I think he became a little jealous of all these mom blogs I read and he decided to start up his own "Daddy Blog."  His first name was "The Dad’s Group"  but I had to intervene and help him come up with something a little more.. oh I dunno.  Anyhow, I’ll warn you, there’s only one post.  Give him some encouragement!  It already seems to be living up to its name… it really is NOT Just Another Dad Blog. (Oh, Heather… I asked him about his comments.  He said he hadn’t read them yet.  Looooossserrr.  Where are his priorities?  He may not be a blogger at the core afterall.. I mean, a real blogger knows that comments are the most important thing to read! HAHA!)

Alright.  There you go.  Some new reads for the weekend.  Go visit at least once and leave them some New-Blogger encouragement!

  1. Hey Nic, Is the Haney’s blog the same one as hosmerville? I clicked on Haney’s and its the same one…just wanted to double check in case you didn’t mean to do that. 🙂

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