SOOO excited.

Guess what is back for the third season?


Oh, if you haven’t watched this show, you have GOT to watch it.  The first two seasons are always on as reruns.   It is seriously such a good show. 

(The new episodes are on Tuesdays at 10pm on the Bravo channel.  Reruns are all different hours). 

So, who else is hooked? 

  1. I’m hooked…have been since the first season! Absolutely one of my favorite shows! If only that’s what a normal housewife’s life was like!

  2. Oh yes, I love the Real Housewives! It’s been on my Tivo cue but I haven’t had a chance to watch yet. Super excited that someone else I know watches because every time I ask if friends have seen it the answer is always no.

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