The Rundown. What a day.

  • Its 6:45.  I’m sitting here missing P-man.  Haven’t seen him since I dropped him off at Ry’s parents this morning.
  • I worked until noon, and then headed straight to the east side of Detroit for a session.
  • Hour and a half drive. Each way.  No one was home for me to talk to on the way there. Or back.  Grr.
  • Got home.  House is trashed.
  • Laundry and dishes galore. Garbage bags from last Friday is still sitting on front porch.  I’m calling for garbage service tomorrow.  Hubby is now officially fired from his ‘take the garbage to work and dump it in the dumpster’ job.
  • Proofed a picture that I LOVE from todays session.
  • Spent some time answering emails
  • Decided to make a lettuce sandwich for dinner (basically… a BLT but minus the B and T).  Went to put Miracle Whip on.  Thought to myself “Hmm… we’ve had this awhile.”  Yep.  It expired May 2007.  Gross.  So, that ruined my dinner.
  • Ate two pieces of cinnamon toast instead.
  • Waiting for Ryan to bring Porter home.  He ended up hanging out at his parents for the evening.
  • Why is the Bloglines Plumber up AGAIN!  grr.

What a day.  I’m tired.  Tomorrow isn’t going to be much better.  I have a session at 3:30… I’ve had to reschedule them twice because of our crappy weather.  Crossing my fingers the weather is nice tomorrow!  Its supposed to be 60* and sunny.  PLEASE!!

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