PSA: Blog World Meets Real World

This is copied straight from Heather’s blog (because, really, why reinvent the wheel LOL!).  I thought I’d post it here as well.

If you haven’t heard of our first annual (we’re hoping) Blog World meets Real World
weekend getaway, let me enlighten you. A bunch of us bloggers who are
"getting to know each other" through the blog world are going to meet
for a weekend retreat in Chicago next spring (March 28th-30th). I am so looking forward
to getting away, meeting all these fabulous women and spending some
time livin’ it up (as much livin’ it up as I remember how to do, lol!)
in Chi-town doing whatever it is girls do on a girls’ weekend. The plan
as of now is to actually stay the night in nearby Michigan City (where
there is a great outlet mall!) to save some money on lodging and then
take the train into Chicago for the day to hang out.

If any
other bloggers out there want to join us, we’d LOVE to have more
company. To get all the scoop and details and be involved in making
decisions on this trip, sign up through the following link:  Blog World Meets Real World Yahoo! Group


The only stipulations to this trip are:

1) You must have a blog.  Don’t have one?  Well, its not too late!  Go get a blog at and start blogging!  We want to get to know eachother as much as possible before we meet in March!

2) You must be a girl.  Girls weekend, DUH!

3) You must be ready to have fun, laugh a lot, meet some great new friends and have a great "bonding" weekend. 

4) You must be willing and able to push Nicole’s fat, pregnant, limping sore-hipped ass in a wheelchair through Chicago if need be.  HAHAHA!  (I’m crossing my fingers I don’t have hip problems w/this pregnancy like I did with Porter’s)

  1. #4 stipulation… Ahahaha!! You crack me up, but sadly I know how dead serious you are.
    No worries. If you can’t handle walking all over, we’ll have to just sit at Gino’s all day and eat. And maybe after we’re sick of pizza and coke, we’ll have to hobble down to the Cheesecake Factory and sit there for a few hours eating plenty of dessert. Really, bonding over cheesecake is the best kind of bonding!

  2. HAHA! I am such a ‘tard…I cannot type today to save my life…”puching” which could go either way to “punching” or “pushing”…lol. Either way, NOT IT!

  3. hey Nic. I am sooo excited to go! I havent been to Chicago since I was little!


    I turn 21 in January…

    sooo who’s taken me out to the bars???? 🙂

  4. I considered going…I think I just need to get more info. It would be a very nice break for me, although I don’t know anyone. 🙂

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