I’m still alive. Really, I am

I’ve been slacking on two major things this month: Blogging and Taking Pictures.

As I’d said before… I have a folder for each month.  Inside the month folder are dated folders for the days.  Normally, I have 10-15 (and sometimes more!) folders of pictures.  This month… I have three.  I took pictures on 12/2, 12/13 and today, 12/16.  That is it.  And nothing is with my 30D, meaning… all those pictures are pure snapshots.  I’m really slacking.

I guess to update, I’ll do a little outline, because I just have little random things to write about.  Nothing huge and meaningful.  (like a TFT… that I’ve been slacking on for… ohh… weeks).

My Blogger Secret Santa

Yesterday I got a box- a HEAVY box- on my front porch.  From Denise Harkey!  It was jam packed full of goodies and it was like Christmas morning opening it up.  I had to take multiple pictures to get everything in!



L-R:  Mini Snowman in a Box, Christmas Jars book, Everything Christmas mini book, plate and mug for Santa (I was JUST thinking I needed to find some and I love these!) and a bag of nuts (which Ryan devoured!).

L-R: (in back) Black photo album, container with Reindeer food (I was thinking about making this as well… well, I don’t need to now!), a dog frame, “B” ornament, photo box (everything was packed in) and a homemade card.

How stinking awesome?!  Thank you so much Denise.

Snowy, Sick Day

I was all geared up to go to church this morning. However, Porter woke up with a fever of 101* last night and although he woke up just fine this am, both he and I are stuffed up and miserable feeling.  And… we woke up to this outside:


So, we’re going to hang out, watch Cars for the 5,832nd time this weekend, and just relax.  The wind is blowing, so at this time I don’t plan on going out and playing in the snow with P.  Maybe later if it stops blowing.

I need to go grocery shopping later, but I think that’ll be it for today.

Christmas Cookies
I’m gearing up for a baking day with LeeAnn and Lukas.  We’re going to make Christmas Cookies!   We’re ironing out the details for what kind we’re going to make, and I can not wait until next weekend!  YUM.

Well, that’s about it for now.  I thought I had more to share, but guess not.  I’ll try to write more at naptime!

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