Another great 25 Days of Christmas tradition…

Melissa has this really neat tradition.  Each year, she wraps up 25 of their Christmas books and every night the kids open one and they read that book that evening.  The Night Before Christmas is reserved for Christmas Eve, of course.

We have a ton of Christmas books, so this would be perfect to do next year.  I might try it.

BTW… Porter LOVES the socks.  Every morning he wakes up and says “Do sock?  Do sock”  I tell him we have to wait until after dinner to do it.  I spent the majority of this afternoon running errands and grocery shopping.  I got home just before dinner, walked in the door and Porter says “Hi mama!  Do sock!”  and ran right to the entertainment center to wait.  Ryan told me that he had told Porter we’d have to wait until mama was home to open the sock, and boy did he remember!  Silly kid.

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