Thoughts, please.

This is such a stupid little thing to bother my mind with right now, but I seem to be consumed by this.  I am on this mad search for bedding for Porter… for ideas for decorating his room.  His new room… the room he’ll have when the baby comes.  (Porter’s moving to the play room, and the baby gets P’s old room… saving us the hassle of painting the nursery again AND taking the crib apart and moving it to the play room).

Anyhow, I want to redo his room for his birthday.  Might as well make it a gift, right?  Here are my dilemmas… I’ll bullet them so its easier to read.

  • Bedding… colors… scheme… theme.   Right now P’s room is sage green, navy, red and brown.  And some slew of colors inbetween.  A “boy” colored room.  I’m kind of over the red and the mish mash of colors.  I want something soothing and somewhat monochromatic.  Maybe.
  • HOWEVER… Porter has an airplane mobile that Ryan’s uncles bought him and he LOVES it.  I want to keep it in his room.  The planes are Red, Green, Yellow and Blue.  Nice primary colors.  LOL.
  • I also painted a plane picture for his room.  Blues and reds.  GRRR.
  • And, he has these cool, rustic license plates on the wall that I like, but those can go, I guess.
  • So… I originally thought I’d buy a navy blue quilt, maybe some truck sheets to satisfy the truck obsessed two year old, and paint the wall a mossy green color.  Or a nice mocha tan. Keep it soothing.  I found one I liked at Target.  Its not in the store.  I hate paying shipping if its going to be that cheap “motel comforter” type.  I want quilt… thick, stitching holding in all the batting kind of quilt. Quilt_baseball
  • I went to Target today.  Found this quilt that I *LOVE*.  I thought I could toss in some navy blue sheets to make it a little darker, more “masculine” than the pastelly blue and citrus green.  (it really is a citrus/lime/sage green… kind of mixed.  Not yellow).  I bought two of them as we’re still undecided on the bed situation (single bed or bunk… what if the boys share a room in the future?  I want matching quilts.)091_2
  • I also found these red quilts that are nice.  They reverse to tan.  I thought that might work. Solid color.  Not busy.  Could change up the theme in the future.  It’d work with his plane mobile as well as his plane picture.  But… red.  UGh.  I’m just not into red right now.
  • I should also mention… the quilt I bought Porter (the blue/green one above) is so similar to the nursery colors.   However, I’m just really into the blues/greens right now.

What to do.   I guess here are my questions I want your thoughts on:

  1. Considering that the baby’s bedding is blues/greens/browns… do you think its weird that Porter’s room would be the same color scheme (although his would be more trucks, planes etc and the baby’s will be zoo)?
  2. I really LOVE the blue/green quilt.
  • Is it too babyish?
  • What if I add the navy blue sheets and more navy blue in the room? Would that make it better?
  • Do you think the airplane mobile would look hideous with that comforter?
  • What color would I paint the walls?
  • Do you have any decorating ideas for it?  I had really liked these wall things from Land of Nod… but they don’t go very well.  Maybe the navy or red would be better.
    1. Land_of_nod_the_whole_nine_cards
  1. What do you think about the bunk bed situation?  I guess I should explain more.  More than likely, we’ll end up in another 3 bedroom home while our kids are younger. (we’re hoping to move soon.). If there is a 4th bedroom, it’ll probably be my office.  Not a problem if we just stick to 2 kids, but I am pretty sure somehow or another we’ll have a 3rd.  Not until this baby is at least 3, probably 4.  So, logic says Porter and Baby 2 will share a room (they’ll be closest in age, and are both boys).
    • I think bunks would be the best option, right?
    • Or, should we just buy a twin headboard set for Porter for now and if we end up lodging them together buy the bunk beds later?
    • What about the bedding… should I keep two quilts or just say screw it and assume I’ll redecorate if the boys ever share a room?

GAHHHH!  Decisions.  Yeah, they aren’t that important right now… but in the long run I don’t want to double buy, double decorate etc if I don’t have to.

So.. PLEASE!  Throw out all your ideas.

  1. I don’t think it’s weird if they have the same colors. That way, you can possibly use some of the same stuff from either room if you put them together eventually (granted they might be old enough then that you’d want different stuff anyway, but it’s an idea).

    Bunk beds: my parents bought my sister (my only sibling) bunk beds when we were little. They were the kind where they could be two twin beds or bunk beds, and look decent either way (maybe all bunk beds are like that?) We never shared a room. I had a double bed in mine. This was cool because a) if my parents had company, I could just sleep in my sister’s bunk and the company could sleep in my room and b) it gave my sister a lot more options in her smaller room. When she got a little older, she took the bottom bunk out, just had a top bunk and put her desk, etc underneath. Actually, if we have another baby, I’ve already been thinking we’ll probably get bunk beds for the small bedroom when the youngest moves out of a crib/toddler bed. If the kids wanted to share, great, if not, we’ll have an extra bed when needed, they could have a friend sleep over, whatever. I guess bunks just give you more options. 🙂

  2. I always find myself thinking in the future as well! I have been trying to not think like that and just live in the current and what you want now. Think about it, Porter is almost two and you already want to change up his bedroom theme. Who’s to say you’re not going to change your choice in colors and room decor in 2-3 years from now. I would just decorate the baby room like you want and then decorate Porter’s room like you want. If your decision is the colors that actually match the baby’s room, then it would be easier to put them together later on. Especially if you’re thinking sometime soon whenever you sell you house. Growing up, I did have a bunk bed and they were the ones that could also be seperate for two singles beds. Those are great so if the boys end up getting two different rooms later on, then they have their own beds.

    I do like those quilts that you bought, but like the idea even better to darken them up with navy. When you mention navy sheets, are you really going to be able to see the sheets, like when the bed is made up during the day? I guess if you get some pillows and other decor that ties in navy and the lighter colors, you could make it work.

    The red quilt is nice with the tan on the reverse. Red and tan are pretty neutral and can be “masculine” or boyish, so to speak. And you can also ties in the picture you painted and the mobile that you mentioned that you want to keep. You may even might want to try to look for decor that might fit a ‘planes, trains, and automobiles’ (or theme. I do like those items from Land of Nod, and those would go well with the red and tan.

    not really sure if I gave you a real clear answer or not, but hopefully it can help trigger some more thoughts or ideas.

  3. i don’t think it’s a big deal if you decorate the rooms in similar colors. i agree that it would be easier to combine later if they shared a room, and if they don’t, who cares? the funny thing is – i have that exact same blue/citrus green quilt on tucker’s bed right now. anyways, since you have the mobile and painting you want to incorporate into his room, maybe the best idea would be to go with the darker blue/navy in his room. i like blues better than reds, but either would work. geesh, it’s actually hard when you’re working with those primary colors! i don’t think much of this was any help, but you’re not alone with these issues. i’m having the same problem with tucker’s room right now – eerrrr. good luck. you have great taste, i’m sure you’ll make it work. 🙂

    oh, and i liked kim’s thoughts on the bunk beds!

  4. I love the blue/green qulits. I like the idea of using navy as an accent. I think I would paint the walls tan and use some tans/browns in there as well.And I think the mobile will be fine…everything doesn’t have to match perfectly in a kids room (although I will admit, it took me a while to acknowledge that!) By the way, what’s the mobile made of…could you paint it to match your color scheme better?

  5. I like the blue color scheme. You could paint the walls tan and navy if you wanted to make it a little more masculine. As far as planning for the future and if you need one quilt or two, keep in mind that Porter will probably have something else in mind and want something totally different than you planned. That is something I try to tell myself when buying things for the future. Porter may end up loving the color orange (or whatever) and throw off your entire color scheme that you pick now.

  6. Go with what you love and keep things that are special to Porter. When I had Audrey I put up a mobile on her crib that I had when I was a baby. My mom could not believe that I would actually stick a ratty old chicken mobile up in my daughter’s “perfect” pottery barn inspired bedroom- ha, ha. But it was special to me and she loved watching it. As for keeping both quilts, I’d take one back, that way you have an excuse to completely redecorate the room when it becomes the “boys'” room=) Plus your tastes may change by then and you’ll have new styles and patterns to choose from.

  7. Ok, I LOVE decorating so much it’s insane. I am excited for you. Yes, I am a big nerd.

    Anyway, I have been pondering all of the things you love, the citrus/blue quilt, navy sheets, Land of Nod decor, mobile, and plane picture. I feel you can make it all work together.

    Bunk beds for sure would be great for Porter. My sister had bunks and we always used to have sleepovers in her room. You can build forts by hanging sheets, store animals on the top, and use both sides of the quilt you love. Citrus on top (so it’s not as noticable) and blue on the bottom bunk. Accent with the navy sheets and some navy pillows on both.

    Paint the wall that his bed will be against, navy. Or if you are bold, paint it the citrus color and the three other walls navy. If you don’t want to paint that bright of color do the other three walls neutral with the one navy wall.

    The Land of Nod decor will work due to the two tiles being navy (wall, sheets, pillows) and the center is the same light blue as the quilt.

    Your plane picture will work too due to the navy and light blue.

    And the mobile will work because of the green, red, and blue in the Land of Nod decor. And for obvious reasons it goes with the plane picture.

    Porters room theme could be planes, trains, and automobiles (trucks) You have planes already, a train in on the LofN decoration tiles (maybe get another train picture and try to tie in the citrus green with it) Also some pictures of Porter playing with his dumptrucks/ or just pictures of his dumptrucks/regular trucks in frames that could be painted citrus hanging on beige or navy walls would look great too!

    I hope I helped. And if you need a decorating partner/painting helper (since your preggo self isn’t supposed to paint, I’ll gladly participate!)

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