I’m turning domestic!

I’m attempting to become a little more organized with meals each week.  Yesterday I spent most of my morning scouring the Kraft Magazines and ripping out possible recipes to use, and then making a list of all the ingredients I’d need.  I THEN spent my entire afternoon running errands and grocery shopping.  However, its all in the name of eating healthier and attempting to save money on groceries and mini-runs to the store to pick up this and that when we need to make meals at the last minute.

Tonight our meal is Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breasts, Super Skins and Salad.

I have to say, I felt like quite the chef making the chicken.  Pounding them flat, chopping up spinach, mixing it with stuffing and roasted red peppers.  MMMM.  They even looked delicious before putting them in the oven.

Now most of you who know me know I am QUITE a picky eater.  Me… eating spinach?  WOAH!  Now, if it hadn’t been for Heather’s ham and spinach pinwheels (is that right, Heather?) or Katie making me taste the Spinach and Artichoke dip at Applebees… I probalby wouldn’t have ever tried this recipe.  But, spinach (when mixed with other foods, that is) isn’t bad!  And in this meal, what a great way to get some extra veggies!

The only thing I think I’d change is to marinate the chicken breasts in italian dressing.  They were a little bland (although super tasty when eaten with a bite of stuffing).  All in all… yummy dinner!

  1. Good Job!! I’m gonna have to try that, it sounds good. And yes, I’m commenting AND reading your blog, but still not updated mine yet…pathetic- I know! SOON, real soon, I promise!!

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