Christmas Eve

I didn’t have time (err… energy) to post last night.  I wanted to recap our Christmas Eve.

We celebrate Christmas Eve with Ryan’s family.  This year it was at Lori’s house.  Before going to Dearborn, I wanted to run to the mall to get one more quick picture of Porter with Santa.  The one I took on Sunday was horizontal and I wanted one that was vertical (tall) so that eventually I could do a comparison of all the Santa pictures and they’d all be tall (showing Santa’s full body vs. just his waist up).

Here are the Santa pics this year:

And… retardo me…. I was able to crop my original Santa pic and make it vertical.  (Yes, Ryan, you were right.)

Look… same Santa!  Porter is even less thrilled about seeing Santa this year.  I prepped him so good before hand… we talked about going to see him, sitting on his lap, telling him what he wanted him to bring him for Christmas.  He wasn’t scared of him at all until I sat him on his lap.  I just hurried and took a picture.


Again, not so thrilled to be seeing Santa.  He was  more interested in
the Porter-Sized penguins all around Santa’s set.  Note the yellow
tipped beard Santa is sporting.  And the sign that says’s Santa’s
Beautiful Beard by JCPenney Salon.  And the near empty bottle of sore
throat spray sitting next to Santa’s chair.  Hmmm…


Anyhow, after my brief meltdown over Ryan taking another horizontal picture, we made our way up to Dearborn.

The kids had a blast playing with all the Cars cars, and finally the youngest three went down for naps around 2pm.  Us adults (and Lia) played Apples to Apples for awhile and then ate an early dinner of Mr. Chicken, french fries and salad.  Afterwards, the mayhem began.  Present time.  Present time with 4 kids under the age of 4.  EEEk!  Let’s just say we made it alive, and all presents (and people) intact.

Pictures from the evening:

The kids decorating the “Gumdrop Tree“.  Lori is starting this as a tradition each year.

Porter, Brenna and Lia seemed most interested in eating the gumdrops.  Shae, however, took her job seriously.  She was so into it!

Brenna, Shae and Lia

Porter thought the girls’ Dora ViewMaster (is that what those are called?) was a camera.  He kept saying “CHEESE!”


The tree:

Like I said yesterday, the roads home were horrible.  I won’t recap that again.

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