Christmas Morning

I heard Porter babbling in his room and elbowed Ryan to get
him up. It was Christmas morning! Porter was still laying in his crib
chattering, half asleep, and I said ‘Porter!! Santa came to our house and he left you lots of presents!!” He shot up in his sleepy state and wide eyed said “pesents?! OooooOOOOoohhH!” I hyped it up good. He was so excited to see his tent and his stocking and little pile of Santa gifts. He loved the balls in the ball pit of the tent. I asked him “Porter, did Santa bring all this for you?” He says “Bring balls!”

Santa brought:



 Every present he opened when I asked “hmmm I wonder what it
is?” He’d say “fire truck!”

He opened his shoes from us (something he needs) and acted happy “tennis shoes!” and then said “In box!” put them back in the box and then said “Top on!” and put the top on and went back to all his trucks. 

Porter loved his tent and play balls.  He got lots of new trucks and cars (as if he needed anymore!) and a Fisher Price Garage along with some puzzles, books, a Candy Land game and some other misc. stuff.




This afternoon we went over to my mom’s house to have Christmas with my side of the family.  My grandma, aunt, uncle, cousin, sister, brother and niece were there.  We had a yummy ham dinner, sat comatose while Porter napped, ripped into presents and then played a couple rounds of Apples to Apples.

I think Porter’s favorite toys here were his hammer and this weird weasel-ball toy.  Aubri was freaked out by it, although she tried her best to be “nice” to it LOL!



As usual, Porter was wound up and acted like a freak once it was way past his bedtime.  I swear… this kid doesn’t get slow and sleepy when he’s overtired.  He just cranks into overdrive.  He was a one-kid show spinning around and being goofy with everyone.  He kept spinning until he was dizzy and would fall down, saying “YAY!  Spinning!”


  1. Every time you post pictures of P I think I can’t wait to see him. He looks like a totally different kid now that his hair has come in so dark and so much thicker! When I only see a pic of him every few weeks or a month apart, he looks so different!!

    I feel like I won’t even recognize you guys tomorrow… Porter with dark hair and a pregnant Nicole! Next thing I know Ryan will be bleaching his hair or growing a beard or something, haha!

  2. Porter looks like he had an absolutely wonderful Christmas! He is such a doll. I can not wait for next year when Preston will have fun with everything.

  3. Oh, he’s so cute. I can’t wait until Max is old enough for a ‘real’ Christmas morning. I love the tent and balls you got for him, how fun!

  4. Looks like a great Christmas! Ava HATES those weasel balls. If they have it out at Cracker Barrel she won’t eat or get out of our lap! My parents had one at their house for their cat and they had to get rid of it!

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