We’re home!

Just a quick post… we’re home.   Lots of stuff to  unpack, lots of Christmas stuff to put away.   Busy busy!  I’ll write more later, and call to catch up with those of you who I need to call 🙂   


  1. OMG, how cute are those photos?! You can really see how tiny he is when he’s in the boppy pillow. Don’t worry, Porter should improve…I went through the same thing with my two year old when we brought Daxton home from the hospital…he cried and cried the first night we were home and I laid in bed crying with him. He was alot better after a couple days of everyone being home. I bet it feels so nice to be home! Hope your first night at home with the baby goes well!!

  2. Oh yay!! I love the new pictures! Love the angles….And P will get better, I promise. Well, a little better:) haha:)Your baby is beautiful!!

  3. They will take the baby to the nursery??? I’m so jealous, they don’t do that here unless there is a problem! LOVE the pics – sooooo sweet!

  4. Glad you got a couple of good nights of rest and that you’ve had a nice day getting back home.Those pics are great Nicole! It makes me awfully antsy to see that little guy in person!!

  5. oooh! those pictures are awesome (love the two of the boys on the deck – haha). i’m sure porter will turn back into himself – i hope! hope the first night at home with all your boys goes good!

  6. Welcome Home!Beautiful pictures! As always! :O)Those two boys are so adorable- love the one of Porter looking at him in the bed. Precious!You amaze me – I have NEVER been able to do babies like you do! In and out! :O) It is a week or two process for this fam…lovely complications, but so thankful for every second of it all since it produces such blessings!Have a nice weekend home together!

  7. Too friekin’ cute!! I’m sorry, did you say you cleaned?! Don’t you know you are supposed to be milking the “I just had a baby” thing for as loooong as you possibly can to get out of as much as you possibly can?

  8. Wow Nicole… he is beautiful! I so know how it goes with the older sibling trauma – Ally does the same thing and with Luke being around, it’s even worse frankly. She says really mean and hurtful things too. I usually end up crying, probably not a “strong mom” thing to do, but it hurts my feelings so much! It’s a hard adjustment for everyone… and it’s hard to remember that when you are completely sleep-deprived and have NO patience. It will get better….Of course, I am still waiting for it to get better… and Luke is 5 months old… but Ally is a lot older than Porter… so I have high hopes that things will be better for you than with me!Hugs to you… and that little bundle! Enjoy him!

  9. Oh, my heart is just melting…he is so adorable! We have GOT to figure out a way for you to come to Utah in September. Twin pictures! I wish, I wish. Anyway, CONGRATS on the little man. He is adorable! I hope you continue to feel good!

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