New Years’ Cleaning?

Sorry I haven’t updated about New Years or the end of our trip.  Yesterday we woke up at 8ish and Ryan and I set in to purge and clean this house… top to bottom.

We unpacked from the trip, put away all our Christmas stuff (and went through it and took out things to get rid of) and then began on the house.

For P’s birthday I want to get his new room all done and decorated and beds bought.  The only problem… we live in a 900 sq ft. house.  It has 3 bedrooms (and an office in the basement) but we’re so cramped for closet/storage space.  So, currently, Porter’s "new-to-be" room is the playroom.  Full of toys, a long dresser, and Ryan’s school computer.  The closet is our coat closet as well as full of games and gifts for upcoming holidays/birthdays. 

Our room does have two closets (thank you for being right about keeping that little closet Ry!!).  Our goal now is to move the coats into Ry’s "little closet" and move Ryan into my closet.  And then we’re going to move the long dresser into our room and store the tall dresser (or I guess use it in the basement for storage in the drawers).  That way Ry’s computer can sit on our long dresser in our room. 

If you’d have stopped by our house yesterday you’d probably have passed out.  It was a pigsty!  We went through junk drawers and closets and cabinets and clothes drawers.  I moved P’s clothes from the changing table into only his tall dresser (he currently has two dressers in his room, but one is going to be moved into his room and the changing table will stay in the baby’s room).  I also went through his clothes and pulled out close-to-too-small clothes.  He has way too many to even wear or keep around things that will be too small in another month. We cleaned ALL day.  From about 9am until dinner time.  WHEW!

Our house is still a mess, but at least its a work in progress.  It looks so much better without the Christmas stuff.  As much as I liked Christmas this year, I am always happy to get the decorations down and the house back to normal.

Anyhow… I need to go take a shower and take Porter out to play in our 11 inches of snow.  I have a session at 12:30 today so I’m going to try to not be slacker mom this morning. 

I’ll update later about our trip!

  1. I am so impressed!! Was P there or did you have a sitter? Yesterday was our “clean” day, too, but it’s so much harder to get things done now that Acadia is mobile. I am curious to see if you have any tricks to get things done with the kiddos are in the house!

  2. that’s awesome! i always think it makes you feel better when you clean like that. at least i do. i’ve been doing that for a while now, a little bit here, a little bit there and it’s really making a difference!

  3. Sounds fun. I just emptied the nursery, but it’s all sitting in the upstairs hallway now, just waiting to be moved to the basement. The girls’ rooms are in shambles, clothes everywhere. Every closet in our house should be cleaned, organized and sifted through. I got the bug last week, but only accomplished 1 closet. So much work, so little time and energy. Good for you. Wanna come to my house next?

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