No, Thanks


Lately Porter is really into saying "No, thanks"… which you’d think is great, right?  It makes him sound like a little gentleman.  Hmm..

Now, the above picture.   I was attempting to take his picture by this cool blue wood wall (actually a river scene).  Here’s our little conversation:

me:  Porter, come over here
porter: No, thanks
me: Oh!  Porter look at this wall!  Can you stand by it?
porter: No, thanks
me: Come put your back on the wall.  Try it!
porter: No, thanks

Other examples:

me: Let’s change your diaper (not really an option, dude)
porter: No, thanks

It just cracks me up how he says it so matter-of-fact like.  It sounds so polite it almost makes it hard to go against his "No, thanks" wishes.  Almost. 

  1. Haha! Savannah did that ALL the time! Everyone always commented on how sweet that was and how good mannered. So cute, but a little annoying after awhile! I guess it’s much better than a whiney or defiant NO! haha!

  2. Love your new banner. We have been saying “no thank you” to reyna. I am sure one of these days we are going to be in the same boat. Too cute that he has been saying that.

  3. Ha ha….TJ says….”not right now”.
    Like the other day
    Me: “Come on TJ let’s go get you in the shower.”
    TJ: “Not right now”
    Me: “Excuse me?”
    TJ: “I sorry mommie!”
    LOL…the things they come up with are so funny! It is amazing what they hear you say and will pick up.
    The other day he told Jen’s daughter Myleigh, ” Just give me 2 seconds, Myleigh!” because she was fussing, and I always say that to him when he is pitching a fit! ROFL

  4. HAHA Morgan does that too when I’m trying to get him to do something – it’s not cute anymore though, cause it sounds super bossy! It also usually has the hand along with it, not sure where he learned that but it’s annoying.

  5. Hi Nicole…love reading your blog. Have not commented before but felt the need to this time because that is just so, so cute! Melt your heart cute! Enjoy that little boy of yours 🙂

  6. Thank God you changed the new banner…that last one was adorable but held the record for staying up the longest!! LOL
    YAY about going to grad school! I definitely recommend it. I also recommend getting into an area of teaching that will allow you the freedom of teaching in additional positions, not just a Masters in Teaching. Don’t forget that your loans go into deferment while you are in school, so you will only have to pay the interest. It’ll be a nice break!! Having the Masters is also going to help you make sooooo much more money over the course fo your career. I am so thankful I did mine right away…it got me a job I LOVE (gifted education) and I am making SOOO much more than I would have otherwise!

  7. Cooper is currently in this phase as well. Hard to argue with his politeness, even when he is in dire need of a new diaper. Too cute! And I love the new banner.

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