Beds, School, Mess, Work, Pictures, etc etc…

Just some random things going on here….

  • JCPenney has the bunks on backorder that I want.  I’m afraid they’re discontinued.  The search for bunk beds at an affordable price continues.   I freaked all day at not being able to find bunks I like.  The ones at JCP have "slats/spindles" on the headboard/footboard so I thought that’d not make the room so "boxy" as a "flat" foot/headboard would look.  I found a black bunk set I really like (I so love black wood furniture!) but I was afraid it’d be too dark/solid (no slats/spindles to let light through the foot/headboard) but then I had a flash of brilliance and thought DUH!  The whole reason we’re getting bunks is so that *just in case* we decide we don’t need the extra bed, each of the boys can have a twin bed.  So, for now while we’re stuck in this tiny house and P is in his 10×10 bedroom, we can just set up one twin and it won’t look like the bunk is taking over the bedroom when people come to house showings!
  • My check engine light came on in the Fe today.  And it sputtered when you step on the gas.  And on the way home it struggled to accelerate above 35mpg.  Nice. So, Ryan is taking it in to our mechanic today.  Please, please don’t let it be anything expensive.  We are flat broke right now.  Not to mention Christmas bills are breathing down our necks.
  • I forgot to mention a few weeks ago…. I’m going to be working
    more than part time this next semester!  I had applied for a Title I
    full-time teaching position but never got called for an interview.
    Turns out the Title teacher at our school (who was part time-
    afternoons) took the job (it was at our other elem. school in our
    district) and her job was left open.  To compensate her position (I’m
    assuming this) they are having both Language Arts Specialists (me and
    another teacher) work afternoons 4 days a week.  We’ll basically assist
    2nd and 3rd grade at risk students with math etc.  So… instead of
    only getting 13.2 hours a week I’ll be working 25!!  Such a blessing.  I was just thinking last month that I get paid a great amount per hour, but if only I could get more hours…. and look what pops up!
  • Ryan and I have awesome, amazing families that are so gracious and
    willing to step in and help us out with watching Porter a couple days a
    week.  And they are always so willing and "offering" to help out when I
    have sessions and just need a break.  I never thought we’d be so
    lucky.  Bless them!!  (ok, I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that they just love
    being around P, though, right? HAHA!)
  • I’m pulling my head out of the sand and signing up for Masters courses this fall.  How I’ll do this with two kiddos under 3, plus work, plus a house, plus Ryan going to school… I don’t know.  Only, Katie kicked me in the ass reminding me that I have just 4 years to complete 18 credits or my teaching certif is null.  I need to just do it.  This topic deserves an entire post in itself… which would outline:
    • How will I afford this on top of my now $50k in student loans (which are costing me $400/month, FYI)
    • How will I find the time to run my photography business, take care of 2 kids and a house, spend time with my family, and do daily mundane "errands" and still have a life?
    • How will the schedule work out with Ryan going to school?
    • Oh, should we touch on the topic that I don’t even TEACH yet?  At least not in an actual "teacher-as-a-title" position… which I should get my ass in gear looking for.  I don’t want to obtain my Masters before having a full time job… it’d make getting a job even harder I’m sure. 
    • So, the Masters course is 36 credits.  I have 6 years to complete.  So, 6 credits a year. Basically means I have to pile on a class every summer as well as one in either fall/spring EVERY YEAR.  And after that’s done don’t go thinking I’ll be done.  I still have to accrue 6 credits every 3 years to keep my certificate valid. 
    • Gosh, teachers are asked a lot of… not to mention they get paid jack squat in relation to what the job entitles.
  • Desperate Housewives sucked tonight.  UGH.
  • Our house is still a pit.  But, its coming along.  We have made lots of progress in the past few days!  I’m actually excited about all the moving around and rearranging we’ve done.  We’re a little more cramped, but its looking good!
  • I am going to vote in the election this year!  I’ve never voted.  I’ve never been interested in political things, but I think its something I need to get educated on and be a part of.  So, this year… education begins!  I will vote! I will vote!
  • I need a new blog banner. (ETA: ok, so I have a new banner now!)
  • I hope Ryan doesn’t snore tonight.  The couch is not comfortable.  Note to self:  we need to get P’s bed sooner rather than later just so I have somewhere to sleep when Ryan’s throat decides to close in at night.  Because, he SWEARS he does not snore.
  • There was more I was going to post but now I’ve forgotten.  I’m way too tired.  I need to get to sleep.

And, if you’ve made it through my excessive rambling thoughts… here are some pics from St. Louis I finally proofed tonight.  I should mention how green with envy I am that Heather’s tub has a huge window behind it.  *sigh*


(^^that is Saw-Man in case you couldn’t tell.  Sheesh, they look a bit alike!)



(^^another of Sawyer)

  1. We lie in different parts of the country, but here it’s difficult to get a desirable position without a Masters. Every new hire at my old school either had a Masters or was enrolled in a program. The entry level pay scale difference is so minor ($700/year) they can afford it.

  2. Ooooh, for some reason I LOVE that last one of Sawyer’s toes. I was going to ask you if you got any good tub shots. I seriously got maybe two. I’ll send a couple your way!

  3. A friend of mine found an amazing deal on bunkbeds+mattresses, and they should be getting them in soon, so I can scope them out for you if you want…just remind me!

  4. love the new header. we got our bunk bed at ikea. they have cool ones at great prices. a masters? ugg. you go girl. the good news is you can deffer you student loans while you are in school. you actually have people who will watch porter for free and willingly???? wtf??? i’m so jealous.

  5. Nic just a quick note-@ West End Meijuer they have a nice looking bunk bed set that I have been eyeing. I am hesitant to get bunk beds, but they can be set up seperate or as a bunk, have the slats (Mission style-type furniture?) Also has a very safe looking rail for the top bunk. The price is regularly $299 & it frequently goes on sale for $249

  6. Hey….Nicole, don’t forget when you do get a full-time teaching position your pay scale goes up alot with your Master’s, so that’s a plus! Believe me I’m fricking out too, more loans, another kid(s), time & energy….not to mention the never ending credits after that! UGH! Will it ever end?

  7. love your new header! good luck with your masters, hope your car has an easy & cheap fix, voting rocks, all husbands snore and deny it, and i can’t believe carlos is blind now – wtf? 🙂

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