I feel like I’ve been gone for awhile…

Its been somewhat a busy week. I have been trying to concentrate on getting/keeping the house clean… it seems like Porter always has a zillion trucks strewn out across the house. Grr!

I wanted to just do a daily recap, mainly for my memory. But also, as I told Heather earlier this week…. I painted P’s room last week and my crazy mind actually thought “No one [in blog land] knows I’m doing this!” She thought it was hilarious HAHA! So, just so “everyone knows what I’ve been doing”…..

We had our monthly scrapbook day out. I love these days. We usually go on a Sunday from 12-5. I had all intentions of getting a ton of pages done but ended up only doing about 3. It was 5 of us who went: Me, LeeAnn, Maria Hosmer, Rachael- a new mom in our moms group who is super nice, and Lori, my sister in law (who needs to update her blog!!!). We decided that since none of us were all that productive we’d go back for a late evening crop on February 1st. They’re open until midnight, so I’m going to try to get a sitter for while P is napping and head up there early. Apparently I need more than 5 hours to be productive???

After we left Scrapbook Memories, we ran to the Briarwood Mall to hit up Children’s Place for their Monster Sale. I got Porter a ton of new shirts for next year, as well as one for the baby (poor thing, he needs nothing LOL!) and spent I think it was $43. I think I bought 10 shirts if I remember correctly. Sweet deal!

Hmm… can’t remember what the heck I did on Monday. See… thats what happens when I don’t blog. I forget my life. It just slips by. Darn it all.

OH! It was MLK day! Ryan called into work because his parents poisoned him the day before with dinner(ok, just joking!!). He was throwing up Sunday night and once Monday morning. So, he basically slept all day while I did who knows what…. cleaned the house maybe? But I can guarantee it didn’t look like it! While Ryan went to class that night, Porter and I went to JoAnn’s to pick up a shelf for his room. We browsed a lot, as well.

Crazy busy day. I felt like I shuffled Porter here and there. He went to LeeAnn’s while I worked, and then I had a dentist appointment at 1pm so took him straight from LeeAnn’s to my grandma’s. After he got out of work, Ryan went up to Lansing to pick up the bunk beds. I was soooo excited to get Porter’s bed set up. When Ryan got home, I took off to go meet the Cheeky Monkeys at Applebee’s for a much overdue Mom’s Night Out. (wooo hoo… two days all to myself this week? Man, I’m feeling a little greedy….) My night was a little crushed when Ryan called to tell me that one of the 6 furniture part boxes was wrong… they gave us Queen sized rails to connect the headboards/footboards… so they were too long. Ticked me of soooo bad. Its a good 45 minute drive back up there, at 14mpg gas in the Durango. Luckily, they did say they could deliver the part on Friday (today), and after I calmed down and regained rationality I realized that waiting 2.5 days wasn’t the end of the world.

After dinner, LeeAnn and I headed over to WalMart to browse. I picked up some curtains for Porter’s room as well as 3 navy blue storage boxes to put under his bed. His room is coming together slowly.

We had the Huffs over for pizza. It was nice to have company over and our new living room layout actually felt soooo much roomier than before. YAY! We always avoided asking people over because it always felt like we never had places to sit or any floorspace to sit. Donnie and Porter had fun together and Katie and I chatted about baby nurseries and decorating “big boy” bedrooms. Who knows what the men talked about. Sports, probably LOL!

Porter and I headed to our mecca…. Target!! We picked up a few packs of diapers for Porter and the baby as well (gotta start stocking up on those!). I also got a curtain rod for Porter’s room and once he woke up from his nap I wasted no time recruiting Ryan to put it up. His curtains look alright in there… I don’t *love* them… but they do make the room look nicer.

Ryan made steaks for dinner (man, I can’t spell… I wrote ‘stakes’). However, our gas in our grill was out so he had to pan fry them. Not my favorite way at all, but they were still yummy. He left for class and Porter and I headed to Menards to pick up stain for a shelf in his room and a light switch cover. Even more parts of his room coming together!!

And today….
Last night I painted the bedside table for P’s room. I’m wanting to distress/sand it a little today and put it in his room. I’ll take pictures. I also want to get a few more things organized around here in P’s room and the baby’s room (which is a serious pit and catch-all room right now!), and maybe go to JoAnn’s to buy a canvas so I can paint pictures for the baby’s room. Porter keeps telling me “Go to Meijers! Go to Target!” (ahh… boy after my own heart!) but for the life of me I have no idea why he’d want to go to either of those places. I’m sure he thinks thats the only places outside of our house to go to HAHA!

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