I think so

Porter and I took a shower today and after we got out I was putting some J&J lotion on him. I always give him a little dollup to rub on his belly, and today he looked at his lotion dollup and says “No Feet!” If you’re confused…. No Feet is the snake in the Little Bear cartoon. Porter loves to pretend to be No Feet (crawling around on the ground). So, he was fascinated with his No Feet lotion squirts. He’d rub it on his belly and ask for more No Feet.

Then, he looks at one of his lotion dollups and says “A whale! I sink so!” (I think so). OMG! Where did he get that LOL! It totally cracked me up.

Ugh. I had more pictures to share, but I hate using this laptop for anything other than surfing the web and checking emails. It hates Photoshop and hates running more than one program at a time. P.O.S.

  1. Too funny! The little squirt of lotion kind of looks like No Feet. Maybe you made the next dab of lotion bigger & it was whale shaped šŸ™‚ Kids say the cutest things, Porter is lucky you are bogging it all down for him.

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