Does anyone have any suggestions for a bedrail for a bed without box springs? And furthermore… the bed has a wooden “ledge” along the side that the mattress sits down in. We have a bedrail for Porter, but the “elbow” of it won’t fit between the mattress and the wood ledge. Here’s a pic of his bed…..

And here is our bedrail that we have (yeah, Porter is totally using it correctly huh? He’s watching tv, laying on his “horsey gate”). See those plastic “elbow joints”? Those are too “knobby” to fit between that wood rail and the mattress.

  1. You could try raising the mattress with something other than a box spring so it’s high enough for the bedrail to slide in above the wood side rail. Maybe a sheet of plywood, or a few 2x4s with a sheet of plywood on top of them, but under the mattress if the plywood is too thin.

  2. I was going to say the same thing about just laying something under the mattress to make it even with the ledge… a couple layers of plywood or something. I’ve never had a twin bed with a box spring. Savannah’s first bed didn’t have side rails, so the safety rail fit just fine. Sawyer’s has the same ‘ledge’ or lip as P’s, but I just rested the bed rail on top of it and the mattress just tilted a little. Sometimes I could shove the mattress enough to squish it inside the frame, but usually I just left it on top.

  3. Just a thought… You could put together the top bunk portion of the bed, the one w/ the bed rail? Instant bed rail,voila’ no harm to the mattress or the ledge.

  4. We got the BEST one for M’s bed, it clamps on to the mattress and it’s on there so good. We are on our way out right now but check out my blog (regular one) a few posts back as I posted about it with a picture. You have to get it, it seriously ROCKS.

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