So, what do you think about this….

Ryan did a Superbowl Square game thingy majigger this year. He signed himself up for 3 squares and signed me up for 2 squares. His motive for this was so he had “more squares.” He told me he’d give me $75 of it if I won. (each quarter pays out $125) Hmm… so its my initials on the square, but I don’t get the full winnings?

So… I won the first quarter.

He thinks I’m only entitled to $75 because he paid for my squares and the only reason I got or wanted squares was because he signed me up for them.

You’d better believe that if one of his squares had won, that $125 would be alllll his.

What do you think? If your husband signed your initials on Superbowl squares (with his ulterior motive being to have more chances to win), should you have to give him a portion of your winnings? Or, would the winnings be 100% yours… because if his initials had won, he wouldn’t have split it with you.

(He’s upstairs pouting, by the way, because he didn’t win. Awww… poor baby.)

  1. I’d guess we’d probably split it.I mean, it’d be him “playing”, but using my name, so it seems kind of fair to go half and half. All our money’s thrown together anyway, so it doesn’t really matter much here… whether he paid for it with his money/my money or the winnings are his money/my money… it all comes out in the wash.

  2. If he was gonna get the winnings anyhow, why didnt he just put more squares with his name on them? Or is there a limit? I guess you should’ve taken the payout when he was gonna give it to you after that 1st qtr. then, huh…. LOL!! He was gonna give you your full cut then, right?

  3. so i was in a football pool this year at work for the regular season. my husband helped me with the picks every week – and we won five weeks out of the sixteen – then ended up winning the entire season because we had the most wins total. during each week we won $40 and at the end of the season we won $120. we pretty much split it up between the two of us – and i might have even got a little more! 🙂

  4. i guess i didn’t answer your question. what i should have said is – i think he should give you the money for your squares since odds are – he would have kept all the money on his. 🙂

  5. I would say you are entitled to the entire amount…what if you did something together with the $125. Dinner and a movie or something that you’d both enoy. I have to say that as a long time Giant fan I was surprised that they won….but the Patriot Pout is one I am enjoying so much this morning.

  6. You’ve received an award.. E for Excellent!! Make sure you check out my blog for your recognition and to pass this onto others that deserve it as well! 🙂

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