Commenters… please read…

The one thing I hate about Blogger is that it doesn’t automatically show my commenters email addresses. *Most* of your posts come from (your name) (for some reason it kept omitting that when I published this…. must be something with html). Irritating, as there are many comments I’d love to comment on but unless I want to take 10 minutes per comment and track down your email address, I can’t, don’t and won’t.

So… how can this be fixed? PLEASE add your email address to your account info/profile in your Blogger account. Where do you go to do this?

Login to your Blogger account (if you sign into Blogger to leave a comment on my blog, you have a blogger account).

This should take you to your ‘Dashboard’

In the right sidebar, go to “My Account” and if there is no email listed, click “Change Email” (or, it may say “Add Email”… as I already have an email there so mine says “change email”

Another place to add your email (because I’m not sure which of the two ensures that your email shows up when you post a comment), is back at your “Dashboard”
~Go to “Edit Profile” (in your right sidebar, just above “My Account”
~Scroll down a bit to “Identity” and add your email address where it says “email address”
~Scroll down to the bottom and hit “Save Profile”

So… try this, and then leave me a comment. I’ll reply back to you if your comment shows your email address.

(A few off the top of my head that I know don’t show your email: Katie, Cass, OneSwiftClick (Jessica), Michelle, and another Jenn… I think “Rants and Raves”. Sorry to point you guys out, but I’d love to be able to reply to your comments! 🙂

  1. Sometimes I feel like forms should have a check box that says: if you’re a complete idiot check here and we’ll tell you what you need to check. I would totally check that box…because I thought I was good and then there’s the pesky: ‘Show my email address’ checkbox which was not read by me the first six times I’ve gone into my profile. I’m glad you pointed it out!

  2. Weird that it does that, since I am a member of blogger, it should show my email address. I’ll take care of that ASAP. Thanks. Until then, it’s me, Michelle, from Pixie Dust. I’ll send my email later!

  3. I just knew you were talking about me, then you had to go and name me! Here is my dilemma. My email address is my first and last name. If I have that available for everyone, it allows all the crazies to find out every darn thing they want to know about me. I could just email you, but something tells me that isn’t what you wanted, huh? Any ideas? I just comment to my commenters on my blog.

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