I was browsing back through all my old picture folders (something I haven’t done … ever…) to see if there were any files I never ordered pictures from. I take WAY too many pictures (I think my last backup was near 50,000 image files on my computer… and thats just from about 2 years ago!) and I don’t crop/print all of them. (ok, ok, some of those are client images that are still on the computer…)

Sometimes if its just snapshotty pictures, I forget about the file and never order them. I found quite a few “daily moments” that I never took the time to print but I realized it was a moment/image that I wanted… no matter how snapshotty or crappy it was. I also end up taking 50-100 images at family gatherings, and realize that I rarely print more than 20 or so… and there are so many images, just snapshots, of family together, etc that I hate that I haven’t printed. So, I’m attempting to go back and make collages for my scrapbook of those events. *Sigh* Such a big task ahead of me.

Anyhow… I also came across a couple that just caught my eye.

Look at that belly! *wub*Doesn’t he look terrified?! HAHAH!
Ohh… such a little man.
All of these images are about a year old. I can’t believe how much Porter has changed! He’s going to be 2 on Thursday! Where has time gone?

  1. this is funny because i just did the same thing yesterday, or was it the day before? i’m finally going to hang some of my pictures of max. can you believe i haven’t hung ANY yet? anyway… i went through almost every single picture of him since newborn days. it was crazy! so hard to believe how fast the time goes. and then i’d see those pictures that to me are definitely not ‘worthy’… but they brought me right back to what it was like then. still nice to have those to look back on too. :)i can’t believe porter is 2 this week… like jen, i remember reading ‘inside addition’… dang, it’ll be nice to actually meet you in person after stalking you for like 3 years. 😉

  2. Porter looks like so much more of a boy now! :)This is my project for the weekend. Back-up photos. I don’t have a single back-up of any of my photos…if my hard-drive crashed, I’d be devastated! It will be fun to go through the oldies…

  3. Isn’t that crazy? I look back at pics of the girls and I get teary eyed. They have grown soooo fast. I love what’s ahead, but I really miss what’s behind us too. It’s bittersweet. Thank goodness for the new baby!

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