Porter is 2!

I can’t believe our little baby boy is already 2! It just amazes and terrifies me at how fast time goes by. He amazes us every day with his sweetness, cleverness and wit. Not a day goes by that I don’t count my blessings to have him. I think every parent says this, of course, but he brings so much joy and happiness (ok, and chaos) to our lives. I can’t imagine what we would do without him, and furthermore, can’t even remember what life was like without him.

Happy Birthday, P-Man!

Here are some things about Porter at 2:

  • He can identify the colors red, blue, green, orange, yellow, brown and purple
  • He can count to 10 (err… say the numbers 1-10 in order. I wouldn’t say count, though, as in one-to-one correspondence). He likes to count the stairs when we walk up or down stairs.
  • Knows the shapes: square, triangle, diamond, oval, circle
  • Can identify the letters P, E and O
  • He talks up a storm… lots of sentences, lots of words in them. The other day he asked me “Where we goin?” and he was looking under the entertainment center to find a ball and said “I don’t see anything.”
  • He has been sucking on Rocky when he sleeps. Eww.
  • When he’s mad, he throws or hits things. He has such a temper.
  • He’s still all about trucks. Trucks trucks trucks. He loves to line them up, drive them on things, carry them around and his favorite… bite the rubber tires off.
  • He says things like “Where my {insert item} is?”, “Nevermind” and “
  • Loves Cars, Finding Nemo and Toy Story
  • Loves sleeping in his big boy bed, goes to sleep like a champ but for the life of me he does not like to stay in bed all night.
  • He’s a major backseat driver. He’s always telling me “Go dat way” and pointing to whichever road he thinks we should be turning on.

That’s Porter in a nutshell. Our crazy little man.

Today he’ll spend the day with his Nina, and then after work I am going to take him to Maggie Moo’s and spoil him with an ice cream dinner! I feel bad because Ryan has class this evening (Bummer! But, I’m hoping he can sneak in a little late and join us for ice cream) so I want to make our evening fun, even though daddy can’t be home with us. We want to take Porter bowling for his birthday, so we’ll probably do that Friday after Ryan gets out of work. And then, Porter’s party is on Sunday. So, he’ll have an event filled weekend!

  1. What amazing pictures! I have a whole new respect for you and what you do, because I tried to do a photo shoot of Dylan (15 months) last night! Wow, that was exhausting! Wish you lived nearby, so I could get you to do them. Enjoy the birthday festivities! He sounds like a smart, fun kid.

  2. Happy Birthday, Tar Tar! I can’t believe he’s 2! I mean, I know my kid is getting older but how can Porter be TWO? I’ve honestly found between 2 and 2.5 to be freaking hysterical, it’s like they hit 2 and they get these crazy personalities. Love it.Hope you guys have fun this weekend, Morgan and I will be looking forward to pics – he loves to look at your blog!

  3. Happy Birthday Porter! I hope you all have a great day. Let me know how bowling goes, I want to take the girls someday. I’m sure Annika will do fine, but the ball is probably as heavy as B!

  4. Happy Birthday, Porter! And Happy Birthing Day, Momma! Congratulations to all on making it this far (because we all know there are days when we aren’t so sure we will make it!) I hope you all have a wonderful day and wonderful weekend!

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