Call me clueless and Caesarland

Well, first off… thank you for all the responses regarding the vaccines. I have to say most of what you all said is what I think… but the other side of the argument also is so convincing, kwim? I agree that autism wasn’t labeled 20+ years ago, which is why it seems so prevalent now, but even so, there has to be a reason for it… and a reason that such a large percentage of children have autism. I mean, 1/126 kids… insane. Autism wasn’t the only issue I was concerned with… I also read a lot about just general issues like asthma, etc etc… (the list goes on) and can that be linked with vaccines (which alter the immune system). Anyhow… none of that really matters as P has had all his shots up to this point. I was thinking he was going to have another huge round of shots at his 2 year appt and then Kim (who is in Canada) emailed and was curious as to why we got shots at the 2yr appt…. that they get 18 mo shots and then 4-6 year shots. Well, hell if I know… and then I looked up the immunization schedule and I don’t think P will have shots to get at his appointment. Shows you exactly how much I know about all this. I have no idea what shots he’s had, or when. I just take him in and let them shoot my kid up with whatever liquid may be in those syringes. So, I guess what’s done is done and so far he’s a perfectly healthy kid. It just all freaks me out.

Anyhow… on to better topics. Today/night Les and I took the kids to Lansing to Old Navy (not fun with 2 kids… a feisty 1 year old and a 2 year old who had a measly 30 minute nap…), and then to Caeserland.

{Reyna and Porter held hands on the way to Old Navy… how cute!!}

Caeserland. Where do I start. First off, I used to take Avery and Aria here a LOT… it was our little retreat to give me a break from nannying and let the kids run and play to their hearts desire. Now, the environment during the day, during the week, is a complete 180 from a freaking Saturday night. Let’s just say everyone and their ghetto brother was there and the kids were just running wild. As we were leaving, we were unable to get to the door as three men were fighting… yes, fighting… fists, shoving into the door, beat down. The Caeserland employees broke it up, a 40ish year old woman who must have know one of the fighters was yelling “F” this and “F” that all the way through the front door. Nice. Talk about high class.

However, despite the 99* temp inside Caeserland, the older kids playing tag hurdling the babies in the toddler area as well as the retaining wall around the toddler area, and the fights breaking out amidst the swarming mass of low class customers… the kids had a great time. Reyna was so daring and kept trying to walk down the slide, and was just all over the kids area. Porter had a blast as well and wore himself out. I’ll definitely have to take him back, but never ever again on a weekend.

Afterwards we went to Babies R Us and I got a few clearanced out shirts for the boys. That’s about it. Reyna and Porter zonked out on the way home. They were so tired!

  1. Haha! I had only just started reading your post and thought to myself, Eww… why would they be so stupid as to go up to Ceasarland on a SATURDAY?!! LOL!I think Sawyer got just one shot at his two year. And he’d been on the MI ped’s immunization schedule…That was one thing I missed in MI, and here actually. Back in Oregon, our pediatrician for the first three years was awesome about vaccinations. They sent home a whole sheet about each vaccine the kids got a whole separate sheet for each separate vaccine (so if she/he had three shots that day, we had specific info on each of the three)… what it was, what was in it, what to expect, what to watch for, when to call about a reaction, etc. Now I get nothing. Boo!

  2. we also get a whole sheet about each vaccination for each shot tucker gets. they are very informative and ask if we want them and if we have any questions beforehand. i think he will have one of his hep. shots at his next appointment, but hopefully that’s it! looks like you guys had one heck of a day! porter and reyna – holding hands – priceless!

  3. I forgot everything you wrote when I got to the photo of the kids holding hands. Instant heart melter.Um, I think maybe you mentioned something about shots? We just did the 2-year appointment and it was shot free (I decline the flu shot). Hopefully yours will be, too!

  4. Love the hand holding picture! Also, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one dealing with stupid, low life people – they’re everywhere!

  5. Nicole -This is Whitney, you have found me (blog) and I am so glad, thanks for all your comments! I have become a fan of all of your many blogs and find myself laughing… as such with this entry. The best part would be, for me, getting into the car at night and driving home with them sound asleep. I think we have all had those experiences of realizing that on the weekends, when you “go out”, you find that you don’t live in such a classy area… case in point – the 40ish woman yelling “f”. So funny.

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