Night from Hell

Its 3:15am and I’m awake here on the couch. Why, you ask?

Let’s start with Monday. I was exhausted from the busy weekend we had. Taking P to Caeserland and hosting a party wore me out. I spent my day cranky at my students and near about falling asleep all day. My eyes were achy and sore and tired. I came home and took a half hour nap and was no where near a decent mom all evening. Cranky and tired.

I headed to bed at 11:30, only to be kept awake for the next 2 hours by Ryan’s snoring. I tried being nice and asking him to roll over, but that still didn’t help. No, his nose isn’t stuffed. Its something with his throat and he breathes heavier than a swine pig. I think he needs some kind of trachea tube to prop it open or something. Who knows. So, I spent 2 hours elbowing/kneeing/heeling/kicking him every time he snored/breathed. We have a fan in our room for “white noise”. Les suggested it to block his snoring. Well, we’ve always had a fan and his snoring is louder than the fan. Anyhow, Ryan got hostile and rude and yelled at me to leave him alone. Well, if I can’t fall alseep because of his snoring then he surely isn’t going to get to sleep decent. Then he kept arguing that he WASN’T snoring. Oh, of course honey. I just enjoy spending 2 hours a night kneeing/kicking/elbowing you for the sheer joy of it.

THEN… just as I was getting close to dreamland despite his noisiness… Porter comes in. And the night continues. After about 3 times of him interrupting my near-dreamland sleep I absolutely lost it and turned into the psycho mother on “Mommy Dearest” chasing him into his bed screaming that “If his G.D. dad would stop snoring and he’s keep his @$$ in bed I’d get a decent night sleep.” or something along those lines. Of course I felt horribly rotten afterwards.

I went back to bed to have Hudson doing somersaults and to hear Ryan snoring in my ear in which I elbowed him another 5 or so times. I finally got up, as I was way beyond the falling asleep point and I was just plain pissed and wide awake. I threw on a shirt and bra and went to Meijer at 2:30 in the morning and bought a twin sized air mattress, bananas and strawberries. Tomorrow night… err… tonight… I’m sleeping in Hudsons room with the door locked so Porter can’t bug me and I can’t hear Ryan snoring.

So, as of now, I”m on the couch. Hoping Porter doesn’t get up as his door is right near the end of the couch. I’m wide awake and hungry and irritated and I’m probalby going to call into work tomorrow as I am sure I’ll be super bitch and super tired after the night of hell I just had. I’m calling the doc tomorrow to see about getting some sleeping pills. I want something to knock my ass out at night.

Alright… off to get a snack and attempt to sleep for 3 hours.

  1. Oooh! Sorry to hear about lastnight!Sleepless nights are the worst!! What makes it worse is when the kids come in & tell me they can’t sleep eother & I am already so mad because I can’t sleep that I bite their head off not thinking that maybe they, like me, are having the worst time sleeping too :(Here, Daddy snores like the muffler on a loaded lumber truck too!

  2. lack of sleep totally sucks! my husband is the EXACT same way. he thinks i beat him up in his sleep for fun. duh. hope you catch up on some rest!

  3. I hope if you don’t work that you still take P to the babysitters so you can get some rest…Ask your dr about Unisom… that’s what I’ve always heard was safe; that’s what I took… you can pick it up anywhere. Good luck!

  4. Okay, I’m really sorry, but I was laughing, imagining you at the store in your pajama bottoms at 2:30am, grumbling maniacally about your g.d. snoring husband, and your kid, lugging an air mattress behind you!

  5. I’m sorry you had such a bad night…you poor thing! Get some rest today since you have the day off.p.s. Hearing you refer the baby as Hudson was awesome – love, love, love the name!

  6. OMG….sorry, about your night, but I’m laughing my ass off!! Your night from Hell is seriously hilarious when written out. Hopefully the air mattress works and you can get some sleep soon! BTW, it looks like the kids had a great time at the party! I was hoping you’d post pictures soon, so I could see the kids since I couldn’t make it. And yes, it’s only Tuesday and the party was Sunday, but hey I’ve had to be “resting” the last few days with my feet up…so this is ALL I have for entertainment right now! LOL!!

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