Bitter and violated… and my day off is tainted.

Ryan woke me up this morning cursing in the bedroom. He was searching frantically for his wallet.

His wallet he said he thinks he left in his car. Unlocked. That is not there anymore.

My passenger door was open when he went out there. Someone was in our car in the middle of the night. Its happened before a few months back- they took a bunch of quarters the last time- quarters that Ryan had just filled his change stack with in the Durango. We’re pretty lax about locking things up- we leave our doors unlocked a lot, as well as our cars. We’re trusting. I guess we won’t be anymore.

I crawl out of bed… its 5:30 mind you… and jump on his computer to check our bank accounts. Two of our debit cards were in his wallet. Nothing was used (as of this morning) off the debit cards. Ryan still acts really perterbed and its running through my mind that I thought he’d kept $50 cash out of his last check. I thought to myself “Crap! He said he kept a little cash out for himself… he said it was $20 but I bet he kept more…” and then he tells me….. “My casino stash was in there.” Casino stash… well… he did mention the other day that he had been stashing away some money for a future trip to the casino. I ask how much. $400 he says. FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS? He was walking around daily with FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS in his wallet? Ever heard of a sock drawer for stashing extra cash?

So, not only am I so so pissed at whatever asshole scavenged through our vehicles… and I’m really upset that this happened to Ryan (or… us, I guess)… but I’m having a really hard time not being really angry with Ryan about this even though its not fully his fault. I just keep thinking… that $400, which… at the time we never missed b/c he stashed it before depositing his check- no problem if we don’t miss the money stash away- but I keep thinking… that money could have been used to pay for groceries I bought last night. Or pay my student loan payment that’ll be due this month… or cover a paycheck of mine this summer when I’m home with the boys… or buy a crapload of diapers… or pay the insurance bill once we have Hudson and pay our portion of it. And then I’m a little irritated that just last week he had me take $400 out of my photography account to pay for the Durangos repairs last week…. when he had that extra money in his wallet the whole time.

I’m trying to not point fingers and be mad and angry at the wrong person. Yes, he made a mistake and hopefully he won’t be dumb enough to leave his wallet in the car again (he regularly leaves his wallet in the center council of the Durango…. ALL THE TIME) but its not his fault there is a dishonest person who made a bad choice to enter our vehicle and rummage around. I’m just irritated. And ticked and I want to blame someone and since I don’t know who stole his wallet I want to put the blame on him for not being more careful with that much cash.

And then who got to spend their morning on the phone with his credit card company canceling his credit card? Me. So, instead of getting caught up on a little sleep this morning I was up at 5:45 making phone calls to cover our ass.

Today Porter and I are going to the Ann Arbor Hands on Museum with Cathy, Lori and the girls and I anticipated the trip costing us about $30 ($16 to get in for both of us, and then lunch…). Now I’m feeling like I shouldn’t even go, and that I the flat shoes I bought for Chicago next weekend (even though they were super cheap at Payless) should go back and I shouldn’t have spent so much on groceries last night and bought that Slurpee at Meijer on my way out… because we were ROBBED even though I didn’t even know that money existed until this morning it still came from our account at some point.

UGH. Sorry for venting. I’m just angry and hurt and mad and frustrated and feeling very violated and betrayed. I hope I can go and just enjoy myself today, but probably not.

  1. That really SUCKS, bad!!!!! I’d be super pissed too!Ryan….do NOT ever leave your wallet in your car!!!! Keep it in your pants, buddy! LOL. And time to start locking those doors…that just makes an easy target and they will be back for more…

  2. UGH, i’m SO sorry! the same thing happened to us last summer… we didn’t have any money in my car but they stole a few hundred dollars worth of stuff from us. what an absolutely horrible, helpless feeling. it’s just not fair!

  3. That SUCKS about someone breaking in to the car. What a helpless feeling! My husband used to do the same thing with “his” money if it makes you feel any better. I got violently mad about it one time and he quit. I say go to the museum and have a fun day! You deserve it. That baby will be here before you know it and outings like that will be harder for a while.

  4. That really sucks Nicole. I’m sorry you guys have to go through that. Try and have a good weekend (EASTER!) and move forward. You’re lucky you guys caught it early and were able to alert the credit card companies in time. That is so lucky!p.s. Did you guys file a police report? You might want to at least give them a call and see if they will send patrol through your neighborhood incase they come back looking for more.

  5. OH MY GOD! I tell ya, People really bug me sometimes!! Im soo sorry that happened to you! How frustrating! I hope you got everything squared away! I also hope that you went to ann arbor anyway! Im sure everything will work out. Denise had a good idea…they should be having a patrol car drive through your neighborhood during the night.

  6. Crap! It’s one thing to leave your doors unlocked… we did it all the time when we lived there. But it’s a whole nother thing to be carrying $400 in your wallet and leave THAT in an unlocked car overnight! How frustrating!! I had my car broken into twice years ago and it is a horrible feeling. Suck a shock and such a bad way to wake up in the morning. And it sucks being out that much money, even if it’s not something you’ll “miss”. I hope you can just forget about it and at least somewhat enjoy your day. Keep the flats (if they’re comfy), get out and have fun today and just hang on… we’ll see you in one week!!

  7. That really sucks. I always hate how the responsibly of canceling all the cards comes on as a wifely role. The husband lost his keys about 6 months ago – he never ONCE called to see if they’d been turned in to the lost and found and I had to go and make replacement keys of everything. He lost his amex about two years ago and I had to cancel it. I’d be irritated about the $400 too. I recently found out that the FH pays $50 + a $10 tip for his haircut. And he goes about once a month. It’s a MEN’s Haircut what the heck are they doing that’s worth $60??? I get my hair cut once every 2-3 months and I go to the dive place that is literally $18 WITH TIP. Men. huffff

  8. Ok… this kind of happened to us too!!A couple of years ago, I bought my hubs an old BMW to drive to work. It was MINT for being old. Anyway, one night, he parks in the drive way and leaves the keys in the ignition. Also, he leaves the garage light on, like a spolight screaming STEAL ME! Needless to say, somebody stole it. SOME THUGS STOLE IT, sold some drugs, went to a Mariners game, blah blah blah. Then they stash it at some apt complex and take the keys with them. Then some other THUGS try to steal it from there and jacked it up! So, technically it was stolen twice! And inside the car…. a couple pair of Oakley sunglasses and lenses ($$$$)… frick. Talk about wanting to blame your husband ALL YEAR LONG. Espcecially when you call the insurance company and you realize you only have liability insurance on a vehicle that has a lien??Good luck to you!!! Sorry! And sorry for the long comment! Ha!

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