Shoes for Chicago

Ok… I suck at buying shoes. I’ve never been a huge shoe buying fan. Sure, I like shoes but I stick with teh basics a black pair and a brown pair and in the summer a multitude of colorful flipflops. For winter, I stick with my simple, versatile Nine West boots. BORING. I like buying coats- that’s where my love is πŸ™‚ Before I had Porter I had about 14 different coats for spring/winter. To wear with my 2 pair of shoes HAHA!

I like cheap shoes. Especially since I won’t be wearing these often as I rarely wear flats in the winter. My pants are all really long so I wear heels. I don’t want to get pants hemmed, so I’ll be flipping the cuff in Chicago or wearing dragging long pants. I just don’t care. And I am NOT about to go buy another pair of pants to wear just with flats when I am 9 weeks away from evicting delivering this kid.

I bought three pairs from Payless. Here are two that seem to be the “comfiest” for walking all day. HERE is one pair of flats I bought (but in brown). I didn’t take pics of them as I don’t know that I’ll keep them and they do not seem comfy enough to wear walking all day- the bottoms are thin thin thin.

Here are the other 2 pairs. Are they totally dorky? I am telling you- I have not an ounce of style in my body. I don’t know what is in, cute or cool anymore. Help me out!

The first pair are converse/keds/flat tennis shoes wanna bees.

The second pair are more like tennis shoes. They’re here to stay as they were only $9 and I wore them to the Hands On Museum today. Are these dorky? (oh, and you get a glamourous shot of my belly with these shoes! I wanted to show how they looked with jeans- the up close pics made them look queer). Eww.. my jeans look so icky with flats.

(please excuse the disgusting mirror!!! It normally resides in P’s room so there are lots of handprints on it)

  1. I think they are cute…I really like the tennis shoes, they look really comfy–that’s what I go for too. I really like your shirt too-I like that it isn’t tent-like-where are you getting such cute maternity clotes?? I need some help!!

  2. I think both pairs are cute! Payless huh…? Hmm Im gonna have to check them out! πŸ™‚ I really like the first pair, with the bow… I would wear them. I have the same issue that you do…jeans are way too long… so I am always wearing heals!

  3. I think those first ones are super cute! May I also suggest, that while not exactly the epitome of style, a running or walking shoe might be a good choice for days of walking in Chicago. Since your pants are a little longish, they would cover up the running shoes nicely, and you could still flip up the back of the pants. I have some achy/painful feet issues, so I like to wear running shoes when doing lots of walking. And you can get away with it in Chicago:)

  4. I think they are both adorable! I can’t believe I am getting sucked in to another one of your blogs! oh and p.s… are a freakin’ adorable pregnant woman. Your emails won’t fool me anymore. If you look that cute in a fingerprinted mirror, just think how cute your maternity pictures would be!and p.p.s. I am sorry to hear about the car theft. That really bites!

  5. Really cute shoes! They look like they would be much more comfy for Chi-town! Look @ that adorable little belly! I’m with you wearing a wedge or heel, @ 4′ 11′, I rarely wear flats, always a chunky heel. Gives me the illusion of being taller! I have a stack of pants & dress slacks to be hemmed, but @ $6 a pop, I’ll wait πŸ™‚

  6. haha… how the heck are your maternity pants too long? I wish I had that problem when I was prego! I like the first pair best, they are cute! Don’t do too much walking in cheap shoes…. you don’t want to go into labor in Chicago!! Have fun!

  7. I am not a show person at ALL. Many years I will go without buying any, if I think they’re ugly! I am not one to follow fashion trends, I usually only buy out of necessity…like when my usual 2 pairs are worn out. I am hard on my shoes and wear every pair until they are literally worn out. Sad, huh? I am the atypical woman, I guess! I would much rather buy a jacket or jewelry too. I am all about those items!

  8. Cute shoes! I love shoes, but I’m like you and only really wear the same two in the winter (black & brown boots) and a pair of black & brown sandals in the summer. I wish I could pull off flats but I’m way to short and my pants are always a mile too long. LOL!I really like the ones you bought – especially the 2nd pair. They look super comfy! I hope you guys have a blast in Chicago. I SO wish I was coming!

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