Happy Easter!

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Is it just me or is Easter getting colder and colder in Michigan? LOL!

We never took Porter to see the Easter Bunny this year. In fact, he pretty much had no idea that this weekend was Easter or what was going on. We read a few Easter books (I’ll post them over here soon) so he had an idea what was up. Anyone else not take their kids to see the big Bunny?

We went to my mom’s this evening and dyed Easter eggs and Porter and Aubri had a little Easter egg hunt. We stayed way past P’s bedtime (he didn’t get to bed tonight until almost 11!). Tomorrow we’re going to Dearborn to spend the day with Ryan’s family. I’ll update later with pictures. I hope you all have a Happy Easter!

  1. we didn’t take max to see the easter bunny and probably never will… it’s not something our family ever did so it’s just not something i’d think of!OMG you daffodil pics… what i’d give for it to be that nice outside right now! we’re getting snow this morning…happy easter!

  2. Please tell me you weren’t in Mich in 2006 for the daffodil pictures… I am so bummed the kids can’t even go outside this year for the hunt. Happy Easter!

  3. i tried to take cade and ava. after we waited in line they were both too scared. peyton says the easter bunny is “gay” go figure.

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