Easter Recap

Yesterday we spent the evening at my mom’s house with my grandma, mom, her boyfriend Brian, my sister and niece as well as my brother and his girlfriend. Heather and I took Aubri and Porter outside to try to catch a few pictures of them together like we did last year. I ended up with a couple cute ones, and a bunch of hilarious snowball fight pictures!

Interesting, eh… a snowball fight Easter weekend? Porter kept throwing snow at Aubri and she giggled as she ducked.

She finally got brave enough to throw some back at him. They had a blast for the 10 minutes or so we were out there messing around.

After they warmed up, we decided to dye Easter eggs. That entertained the 2 year olds for… oh… about 10 minutes and then Heather and I ended up dying the rest by ourselves.

Last night the Easter Bunny put together Porter’s Easter basket with lots of little goodies…

A little camera, a Finding Nemo kite (from the dollar store!), a plastic whale (a .50cent clearance steal from Toys R Us… Porter was probably most excited about that stupid whale!), a few mini play-dohs, eggs filled with just a couple jelly beans and some stickers, a cement mixer truck (leftover party favor from his b-day), a bunny straw and one of those “magic” towels from the dollar store… it is shaped like an egg and you put it in water and it turns into a towel.

E.B. hid eggs around the living room and left Porter’s basket on the way to mom and dad’s room. What a great bunny… mom and dad got to sleep in until 8 while Porter played with his loot! 🙂 He came in at 8 with his camera, whale and cement mixer truck and was thrilled as could be.

I woke up with him and cheered him on while he hunted for all his eggs… collecting them in his blue bunny basket from his first Easter. Here are a few pictures from this morning…

Opening eggs… two jelly beans or tiny chocolate balls per egg was perfect!

Grrr! Use those muscles!

Say Cheese mom!

This afternoon we made our way up to Dearborn to spend the afternoon/evening with Ry’s family. We had an indoor Easter Egg Hunt- Lori had a TON of eggs. I bet about 100! They wer everywhere. The kids had a blast.
Brenna found some Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs!
Here are just a few cute pics of the girls. They are getting so big!




Brenna didn’t nap this afternoon and she was crashed in Papa’s arms by 6:30ish. When he got out of the chair, she just slithered down still asleep.

Sorry about the photo overload! I took a TON of pictures these past few days. I love when we get together with Porter’s cousins- its so fun to take pictures of them all!

  1. Love those “snowball” pictures! I can’t believe how much hair Aubri has now (finally!)! She is beautiful.By the way, sorry, but you’ve been tagged… check out my last post today.

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