Oooh my hair feels SOO much better! I haven’t had it cut in… oh… 4 months or so. Ick. It was long and scraggly and out of shape and flat and just GROSS.

So.. here’s the cut. Nothing too new. A few shorter layers in the back for “volume” but other than that its pretty much my norm.

But… speaking of haircuts… once Hudson is here and my boobs don’t look so large and in charge, I’d like to get my hair hacked off. I love this haircut (I know, I know… EVERYONE’S doing it…) but I’m not sure if I’d look very good with that short of a cut. So, I pinned up the back of my hair so just my short layers were down. What do you think? Do I look ok with short hair? Would that cut look ok on me?

And… speaking of image changes… I am going to be doing a post (hopefully before I leave for Chicago because it’d be a great post for you to laugh at all weekend) of pictures of me over the past 10+ years. I’ve had my hair really short while back (my senior year of high school?) and I thought that since I’m on this topic it’d be fun to look back at old pictures. You’ll love it.

  1. Your hair is always so pretty… I’m jealous of it! I like how it looked short… though when I did that to my hair I loved it for like a week, then missed it being long and versatile! It would be nice for the summer though 🙂

  2. I love the haircut. And I think the “after” picture of what you’re hair may look like after Hudson escapes is Super cute. I will say this – I’ve had that haircut a few times – when they start cutting the front make sure you can pull it back if you like to wear a ponytail occasionally. One time I didn’t check after the first snip and I was sporting barrettes for a couple of months.

  3. i love your hair! I would echo the pony tail comment (i would think it’s important as a busy mom). BUT- you do totally look younger with the short hair.:)

  4. I love the short hair…it looks so cute on you! I would guess that it would be easier too, especially with a newborn and toddler. Can’t wait for the “flashback” pics LOL.

  5. I think the short ‘do would be cute as well. Funny you should mention doing a hairstyles post…I have been planning to do the same thing myself. I hate my hair, and need some advice as to what I should do with my dreadful locks. Have fun in Chicago!

  6. Okay, my opinion…I love that haircut also, but I also know that shorter hair sometimes takes more styling & you think it’ll save you time, but it actually takes about the same amount as longer hair – well, at least for me, but maybe I just never let myself get used to it because I always grew it out to quickly.?? Try it out you might LOVE it! Hey…you want Posh’s haircut & I’ll take her boobs after my baby is born…ahhhh *sigh*, how I would love to have great boobs….without the boob job – doubtful!! LOL!

  7. I agree with Katie!! I just want Posh’s boobs! On me of course, well as my own set, HA! I know hers were slightly enhanced, but I’d still sport them 🙂

  8. I think the VB cut would look fantastic on you! I have gone back and forth from short to long so many times, and ultimately like it more when it is short.

  9. you look great!i just cut my hair shoulder length for the first time after having it about middle of the back length, and i love it. it lightened up my face, made me look younger and fresh. i like yours shorter, too. very cute! i did make sure it was long enough for a ponytail…

  10. Isn’t getting your haircut so refreshing?!?! I live for my hair appointments……..every six weeks! Being in that chair is like heaven to me!I like your layers :)Have fun in Chicago this weekend!

  11. I think the short style would look cute on you. Don’t do it until AFTER the baby though. And you have to consider being able to put it in a ponytail which is a requirement for a new mom.

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