Its just about that time…

Its 1am and I’m just getting finished packing. Well, I still have some clothes in the dryer and all my hair/makeup stuff I’ll use in the morning, but other than that I think I’m packed. Overpacked, of course. I know I’m forgetting SOMETHING. I hate that feeling. I am so so so excited to have a weekend away from home- a weekend with girlfriends, some near and some far away. Its been 3 months since I’ve seen Heather and Kasey, so I’m excited to hang out with them again sans kids, and I’ve never met Kim in person before although I know she’ll fit in great with us. And, of course, Maria, Leslie and LeeAnn from here in Michigan- I’m excited to hang out with them without kids… just us girls. I have a feeling we’ll be doing a LOT of laughing and chatting and blogging and shopping and eating and just having a GREAT time!

Porter is at Ry’s parents house tonight. Ry works at 6am, so it was easier to have him stay the night rather than Ryan take him there super early in the morning (he’d have to drop him off by 5:30 to get to work on time!). I was a little sad to say good-bye to him tonight (I picked him up from Cathy’s after work, we ran errands and had dinner at home and then Ry took him back at bedtime). He really was nonchalant about being away for the night and he obviously didn’t understand that I wasn’t going to be home until Sunday night- probably after he’s in bed. You can bet I’ll be calling to chat with my little man at some point (or two, or three) this weekend.

Now… I have a little fun for you guys. No, not my picture posts (yet). This involves the hubby and son. Ryan… oh dear sweet Ryan. I am always joking with him that he is incapable of running errands with Porter- anytime he has to run to college (which is near his parents house) or some other small errand, you can almost bet that he’ll drop Porter off at his parents house while he runs his errand. Its both funny and irritating to me as I run 90% of my errands with Porter. A lot of the time I enjoy it as he’s a good kid and he’s fun to be around, so I can’t complain too much other than I feel like Ryan never has the hassle of taking him places as much as I do.

Its funny to me that he feels he needs to find a babysitter for these small errands (like the other day he wanted to go get his license… he was ticked because I had plans to do my 1hr glucose test at the doctors and he was going to have to take Porter. He decided not to go altogether rather than just taking Porter). He is an awesome dad and very, very capable of multitasking and doing things with Porter in tow. I’d actually go as far as saying that I think he does a much better job at home with Porter than I do– if he’s left home with him for a day I usually return to a pretty clean house. Now, if the tables are turned– he comes home to what looks like a tornado zone. (Oh Lord… his head is going to simply SWELL UP reading that…) He keeps his cool getting Porter up and around and out of the house while I am frantic and discombobulated and disorganized (which, I also think has a lot to do with the fact that he has a lot less to get ready. He can simply take a shower, get dressed and he’s all set. Me… I have to dry my hair, style it, do makeup etc… etc…).

So anyhow… we always joke with each other about how whenever I’m out of town, away for the day or at a session (etc.) that he somehow ends up at his parents house, whether it be to just hang out over there and let Porter visit (how convenient) or to have dinner (as if he’s incapable of doing dinner on his own- funny as he’s actually the cook of the household) or to drop Porter off for a short while so he can “run errands.” We’ve been joking about how many times he’ll be over at his parents house this weekend… how many dinners will he eat over there? How many times will he use Nina and Papa’s Babysitting Service? He wisecracked to me the other day “Oh, I’ll be over there twice. Once to drop Porter off and once to pick him up at the end of the weekend.” Funny… funny….

So, I told him I was going to poll my readers and see what bets they wanted to put up. He was anxious to see the poll and was disappointed it wasn’t up the second I spoke of it.

Let me give you the rundown. Cathy is watching Porter on Friday while Ryan works. Thank God for our family (you guys are wonderful!!) who can always help us in a pinch. Ry gets out of work at 3ish so he’ll probably pick Porter up after that (although I have a feeling he’ll “run a few errands” sans-Porter before making his way to their house. Saturday morning he has to work again (supposedly 6-11 but he was going to try to get his hours switched to 7-12), and originally he wanted to have P stay the night somewhere Friday night. I am not sure what his plan is thus far, and I’m staying out of it as I really don’t care. So, as far as I know Saturday P will be babysat in the morning while Ry works. And he’ll be picking him up around lunchtime/just before nap. Other than that, I don’t know his plans for Saturday and Sunday.

Here is the poll (Cathy… I am going to need final statistics when I get back! HAHAH!). If you want to be more specific, you can leave a comment so I know what you voted (I can’t view who voted what in the poll) surveysTake Our Poll

  1. I must say, my DH does this too. About once a month I go scrapbooking with some friends for 14+ hours, nearly every time he takes DS to his parents house to “hang out”. Granted, his mom bribes him with food, but still.Have a great time this weekend!

  2. Hmm, maybe I’ll have to pop into my Mom’s & see if I see P-man playing in the yard @ Nina & Papas’s throughout the weekend :)We’ve got your back on this poll!

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