Chicago Girls Weekend Day 1

Well, we’re here and we’ve successfully completed our first day in Chicago. When LeeAnn, Leslie, Maria and I left Michigan, this is what the weather was like…

The weather in Chicago was fairly nice, especially considering all the snow Michigan had. It was about 50* and sunny and gorgeous. On our way to the condo, we passed through several different cultured areas… a few blocks of Mexican stores, then a few blocks of Korean stores and then a Phillipino area and Vietnamese area…. pretty interesting. Here’s a Mexican store:
We arrived around 11am (Chicago time) and were pleasantly surprised at the house. Beyond expectation. It is amazing. I’ll post pictures later. We then went to pick up Kim and went to Al’s for lunch. Afterwards, Maria, Leslie, LeeAnn, Kim and I took the train and bus to the Windy City Scrapbook store. Awesome stuff! I managed to spend a bit of money there but it’s worth it, right?

On our way back we met up with Heather and Kasey and went to dinner at good ‘ol McDonalds.
We spent the rest of our evening back at the condo munching on snacks, playing Imaginiff and Loaded Questions. Its now nearly 2am and the last of us are just getting ready for bed. I can’t wait for a long day in the city tomorrow! The train ride was lots of fun today- can’t wait to go on public transportation again. I wish we had that around Jackson!

Anyhow… I’m out of here. I feel like I don’t have much to say, except that so far this weekend has been awesome and I am having a great time hanging out with these girls. More later!

  1. I am SO jealous!! I had originally signed up to meet you girls, but money has been a bit tight and with the flight, hotel, etc. it would have been a bit much for our budget right now. I need to make it when you do it again! Have fun girls!!

  2. glad to hear you are having a good time! I’m jealous, would love to see Chicago. Porter went home with Ry last night, he didn’t have to work today after all. Porter was so good and went to sleep every time without even a whimper. I love that little guy so much. Have fun, Mom B

  3. Ahh I wish I could have gone ! Hope that you all have an awesome time!! Its soo funny seeing pictures of all of you together!! 🙂 Post more soon!

  4. Looks like its been fun so far! I am home sick with a damn cold and ended up not going to my friend’s wedding that kept me from going to Chicago with you girls in the first place!

  5. I’m so jealous of this– I hope you read this!!!!! I used to work at Windy City Scrapbooking! and wanted to be in on this weekend, but things got out of hand in my life! Glad you had a good weekend. Email me or whatever. You look great by the way.

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