Handsome little man

Last night Porter and I went on a “walk” to the end of our road and back. It was bedtime, but lately he’s been absolutely wild and on the run in the evenings. I thought a little walk to burn some energy might be good for him. He was quite silly, that’s for sure.

I bribed him to try to get a few decent pictures of him actually LOOKING at the camera (I still haven’t given anyone 2 year pics of Porter yet… and I had pretty slim picks from photos the past few months). I am so happy with a few of them. I could just kiss his cheeks up!

This boy does NOT walk anywhere anymore. He “gallops” like a horse. Yes, gallops… everywhere. Walk is not in his vocabulary it seems.

I swear, this kid amazes and cracks me up every single day. Just today Ryan and I were in the office putting papers away and Porter was on the steps talking away to us. Ry just stopped and said “Gosh, he’s getting so good at talking lately!” He is, too. He is pretty much talking in complete sentences, telling stories, retelling things he did during the day while we were at work, asking for things, talking about his toys and his baby brother and the dogs and the “Moose” that lives outside our house (no idea where that came from… but we have a moose, apparently). I forget sometimes that he just turned 2 just six weeks ago.

He is in love with “Hummer Trucks.” We saw one at the Toy House yesterday afternoon and he was telling me all about it. “Mama, let go see that Hummer Twuck. I wanna see the back. I gonna kick the tires. I like dat Hummer Twuck. That white Hummer my fav-rit.” Today we saw one at Target on our way in and he kept telling me “That my favorite Hummer, that yellow one.”

I feel like I always have a story to tell about something funny he says. My mother in law says that he can always make her laugh- that he’s like an instant “pick me up” on bad days. He is, too. Spend an hour with him and he’ll surely have said or done something that just makes you bust a gut. He’s a character, that’s for sure.

  1. I have a galloper over here too! Inside, outside, it doesn’t matter.And whenever he’s specifically going somewhere, it has to be “FAST!”. Whether I ask him to go get me something, or come over for a diaper change, or come to the table for dinner, or we’re walking across a parking lot… he first has to step back, rev up his arms and say “Ready?… FAST!” (the ‘fast’ part is said really breathily, like in awe, real quick in an almost whisper… faaast!) and then he takes off like he’s speed racer, but ends up in a little gallop. Ah, boys!

  2. haha… My daughter won’t shut her mouth lately. Honestly… I don’t want to sound mean towards her, but, she just keeps motoring. And if you knew me, you’d know where she got it from. She says a lot of cute things, like Porter is, but the other 1/2 of it is just to hear herself talking now. Let’s see, she’s 32 months (i had to count that on my fingers, btw). So, I’m letting you know what you have to look forward to:)

  3. Awww….he’s such a cutie! They are all great shots, but that first one is just perfect! I am glad he loves those boots so much. Don’t you love it when you feel like you actually got your money’s worth with something you buy for a child?

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