Were you wondering?

I’ve been MIA for a bit, huh?

You can always tell when I have drama in my life… I tend to back off the blogging if its an issue I can’t really blog about. I’m in the process of “renting a secret pink apartment” and becoming an anonymous blogger so I can vent about issues that I don’t care for anyone who knows me to read about. Blogging/journaling is so very therapeutic for me, and I just need a place that I can have people empathize and respond who don’t know me personally.

We’ve had a great weekend here. I’ll do a little recap:

Friday: April’s Girls Night Scrapbooking. We always seem to have bad weather on our scrapbook nights, and Friday we were under a Tornado Warning. Didn’t faze us much… we just joked about how we’d all be dodging for cover and attempting to protect our hundreds and thousands of dollars of scrapbook product. There were 10 of us there Friday… the group is getting bigger and bigger! I was lacking mojo and only finished 5 pages, but over the weekend I completed 2 more, so that’s a bonus. I love how our scrapbook nights kind of kick me into gear and I’m on a scrapbook high for a few days. Makes for some productivity, at least.

Saturday: I had my last maternity session in Ann Arbor. It went really well. She’s pregnant with twins, and her newborn session will be my first twin session. I’m super excited about that.

After my session I headed to the Children’s Orchard to check out their summer clothes for Porter and Hudson. I found a few cute one piece short outfits for Hudson and scored a Kidorable Frog Raincoat (new: $30) for $6.99 for Porter.

Today we took Porter to see the Bee Movie. It was his first time going to the theater and he was really excited. All morning he kept saying “I going to the Bee Movie! Hey, Ramsey Kate, you wanna go see Bee Movie with me?” (Ramsey Kate is the dog, btw… yeah, she has a middle name that Porter has just picked up on LOL!). We followed LeeAnn’s advice on how to time getting the tickets and it worked beautifully.

We got there at 9:45 and as I entered they called that the were sold out of the 10:00 showing. I picked up our tickets for the 11:00 show and we headed to Target to get snacks. We went back at 10:40, got some great seats, let Porter wander around and people watch, got our popcorn/pop and we were all set for the show! He did great up until the intermission, and once we returned from intermission his attention span was fading quickly. I don’t blame him… that was the part of the movie where the Bee was taking the Humans to court… how boring for a 2 year old. No action! So, we left probably 25 minutes before the show ended.

Ryan and I were wanting to go see Juno at the Michigan Theatre at 1:00, but by the time we got home I was exhausted and hadn’t been feeling well all morning (having weird/sharp stomach pains) and I crashed on the couch once we got home.

It was sunny out today, although chilly, and after dinner the three of us took the “durls” for a walk. Poor dogs haven’t been out on a walk in forever… they didn’t know what to do with themselves. Since the weather is getting nicer, we’re going to try to start going on family walks on Sunday and Thursday evenings (Ry has class M,Tu,Wed) and take the dogs with us.

Anyhow… I have about an hour before I go watch Desperate Housewives (we DVR it and Ry calls me up at 9:30 so we can start watching it and skip all the commercials), so I’m going to try to bust out another scrapbook page tonight and then go watch my show! I’m so excited its back on!

  1. Ok… I was recording Desperates and got down there at a perfect time to fast forward through everything:) I’m glad some good TV is coming back on!This Constance Blogger, I think I almost had to join it tonight. I had to write some drama on my blog and…. it could have been risky but I hope it’s not too bad. Thanks for telling us about that blog!

  2. if you haven’t seen juno yet do it! i wish i could have scrapped friday. boo hiss for work and no sitter. hmmm. i think i may have to get a constance blog too!!!

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