Typical Day

I’m changing Hudson… peed through his diaper again (how do babies do that?!?) and I ask Porter to take Hudson’s wet clothes over by the basement stairs.

A few moments later I walk into the kitchen and realize Porter is on the landing by the basement stairs. I check on him. He has dipped Hudson’s clothes in the dog water bowl and is rubbing the sopping wet clothes all over our wall. He looks at me and says “I’m being big helper. I’m cleaning the wall.”

Sigh. I can’t get ahead.

I’ve been trying to get caught up on laundry all morning. I changed Hudson’s sheets (he puked last night) and so far I have a half folded load upstairs, one in the dryer and one in the washer. And about 2 more loads to go.

I’ve washed dishes twice.

I’ve packed two boxes and wrapped up the paintings from the boys’ rooms.

Hudson was awake most of the morning, but luckily he is the worlds most content baby (knock on wood) and is happy to just sit or lay there and stare at whatever. I feel terrible ignoring him, but I’ve got stuff to do. I made sure to take time here and there to cuddle him and chat with him. Porter attempted to help me pack stuff… he managed to “pack” up some of his toys in a box (although they don’t need to be packed… it kept him busy).

Anyhow… I’m off to get a picture order sent into the lab and then attempt to pack a little stuff from the office.

  1. Porter is such a sweet boy trying to help mommy! Isn’t it funny that children really see certain things as helping that are really not? You sound like you are doing really well – I’m so glad for you!!

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