This move sucks.

This would be so much easier if we were just moving to our own, new house. But, no. Of course it can’t be easy.

  • We not finished packing… because honestly who has time to pack with a two year old and a newborn. We got quite a bit done before Hudson was born, but now things have been on a standstill. I don’t have time during the day to barely brush my teeth let alone head downstairs to pack up my office… which is the biggest mess thus far. A good deal of the upstairs is packed, but the office… it has a long way to go. And, I guarantee today nothing will get done either.
  • I’m stressing about mail and address changes… it’ll all be temporary and the chaos will be doubled with changing address twice in the next month or two…. Ugh.
  • Our internet/cable/home phone/cell phone…. talk about a pain. We have a bundle service through AT&T. We can do a “vacation” deal where we pay a certain percent of our bill until we are in a permanant home, but its still going to be a good portion of the bill. If we cancel fully, we have to return our Dish Network boxes, lose all our DVR’d movies we have paid for on PPV, and will have to have all that reconnected at the new house. Ugh.
    I’ve spent the last half hour on the phone with numerous techs and I’ve jotted down the details and my head is now spinning. I’m going to leave it for Ryan this afternoon… he normally deals with services and stuff so I’ll let him make the executive decisions on all that.

Packing. Moving. I just don’t even know when or where to start. I thought maybe today I’d take some clothes or something out to my mom’s but I honestly just don’t know where to start with things! And my computer… I’ve wanted to back up things on there before we move and I haven’t had time this week. I have a small window of time during P’s naptime, but usually I’m exhausted by then and am needing a quick nap, or Hudson is awake. And this week Ryan has had class or something or other going on so he really hasn’t been home one night this week. I thought I was almost through this hellish week but now I’m realizing its almost ended but things are still left so undone and I’m more stressed than ever. Especially seeing we have TWO days to get this house packed and get the hell out.

I may be bald by the end of the weekend. Which might not be such a bad thing… hair take up a lot of time to style in the mornings HAHA!

  1. I think moving always sucks. It is just so mind numbingly overwhelming to move all your crap – why do we have so much crap?! It doesn’t help when you have a husband who refuses to throw anything away, EVER. GAH!! I hope things work out with the H house, but if not, a better one will come along. Good luck with everything.

  2. yes i thought i was going to go insane moving with one 6-month-old so i can’t imagine the chaos with two kids. i thought there was NO WAY we would ever be able to finish everything, but we did and you will too. good luck! 🙂

  3. Oh Nicole, I feel for you. We just got settled into our apartment for the new few months before we have to move again. Our move was a lot of work but I cannot even imagine what your move is like. Having just given birth and having a baby and a toddler to take care. Yes, I agree that moving into your house would be the idea situation. I would have liked that much better myself. I just keep telling myself that having to live in a tiny little apartment will make me appreciate our new house that much more. Good Luck and I hope that you have a lot of family and friends nearby to help!

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