Well, its final!

After nearly 2 years on the market… our first home has sold. As excited as I am that this is over, I’m a little nervous for what’s in store for us as far as our next home. I’m pretty darn set on H house, and I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t be sad- even depressed- if we don’t get it. We’ve completely outgrown our little home and its sooo time to move on. I was thrilled at closing that we were finally wrapping things up, and also a little sick to my stomach handing over a $2700 check to sell our house…. bleh!

So, the absolute chaos begins tomorrow. We are nowhere near packed, and we’re going to start moving things out into storage tomorrow. We have to be out by Monday morning.

  1. Congrats on being done with what seems to have been the biggest hurdle of this change in your life! (I chuckle at the fact that your house had it’s own website, haha!)I’ll be thinking of you guys this weekend… wish we were there to help! And still keeping my fingers crossed for the new house!!

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