This is the way boys do it…

This morning while Hudson slept, I took Porter outside to fill up his pool so the water could warm up throughout the afternoon and he could play in the pool after his nap. We scrubbed the pool out and I left the hose in it to fill up. While it was filling, I went around the house to the garage to get out the dog pooper scooper and bucket.

I came back to find this…

And his version of fun in the pool… dumping water on his head with the dog water dish. Yes, we’re a mess over here… mismatched pj’s, my kid playing in the ice cold hose at 10:30am when its a mere 70ish degrees, using the dog water dish as a play toy.

I broke out my Sigma 30mm f/1.4 and woah… why the heck don’t I play around with that more often? I love the crispness of prime lenses. As much as I love my big Kahuna 24-70L lens, I am not sure you can beat the sharpness of a prime.

  1. He is such a doll & all boy too! Kids don’t seem to care at all how hot or cold it is, just give them water & sunshine & they are ready to go.

  2. Those are some dang cute pics, Nicole! Love his mismatched PJ’s and him playing with the dog dish. That’s what boys are all about! :o)

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