Ugh… my allergies have been driving me nuts! My eyes are swollen and red and itchy, and my throat and nose itches like crazy. I’ve been taking Allegra D but it only seems to be taking the edge off. Ick.

I really don’t have much to update. I’m going to start taking a few photography clients soon… I’m freaking out about this new house purchase and finances this summer and all that. We lost more on selling our house and with me not working and bringing in an income this summer, money is extremely tight. Surprisingly, I pretty much feel back to normal- minus the 14 pregnancy pounds I still have to lose and the lack of sleep. With Porter, it seemed like it took forever to feel halfway normal again. So, I figure why not get back in the groove and get my business running again. It seems like just when I had things going at a great pace, I put a halt on it when I got pregnant. I’m excited to start being creative again.

Hudson is still doing great. My grandpa is back up here from Virginia and this morning he said “Does that baby ever cry? I’ve never heard him cry since I’ve been here!” Hudson has been a little piggy lately… the last few days he’s been eating 4oz bottles. Today, though, he’s been wanting to eat every 2 hours and only been eating half his bottle before falling asleep. So I guess instead of wasting precious money- er, formula- I’ve been making 2oz bottles. As far as sleep, he’s been eating around 11 at night and then up again at 3am… and the 3am feeding sucks. He usually takes awhile to go back to sleep. Last night he didn’t go back to sleep until 4:15am! Then he slept in until 8:30am. Grr.

I have some cute pictures of Porter today… he got his first ice cream from the ice cream truck. I’ll post that later. He also went swimming with Ryan in the lake this evening. Unfortunately we forgot to put sunscreen on him after his nap and I am afraid he’s going to have a little burn tomorrow. His face was so red.

Here are a few pics of Hudson and his silly faces. And, of course, one of both boys. Porter likes to lay under the mat with him.

  1. wow! hudson is so alert and his face has already changed a little! i am sorry about your allergies, maybe it is time for a med switch? allergies can change (especially their response to a med) after pregnancy (or anytime really!) 🙂 good luck

  2. Glad to hear you have a piggie too, I was getting worried about Callie! She normally eats 4 oz but last night she had a spazz until she had SIX ounces at 7pm! Then she passed out from 9pm to 3am – skipped a bottle so I guess it all works out.The other day I started laughing out loud, remember when you called the nurse because you thought Porter had Prater-Willis? OMG that still cracks me up. SO funny.I feel the same with the second, funny how it seems SO freaking hard the first time then you are just back in the swing of things with #2. Guess we have no choice! The getting up in the night thing seems easier this time for some reason – maybe because we are used to being run ragged by the toddlers???

  3. hudson sounds like such a sweetheart! i love the pic of him in the gap onesie too!good luck getting your business back up and running again – i’m sure you’ll have no problem with it. i can’t wait to start seeing posts on your photography blog again. 🙂

  4. I never really got allergies, although I was told when I was younger that I was allergic to Blue Grass. Hmmm… i guess thats more prominant in the south, as it doesnt seem to bother me. Only thing I get a reaction to is Peppermint! LOL! and that makes me sneeze.. NICE! LOL!btw, love the pics of Hudson, he is changing so much and love seeing him with his eyes wide open, very cute!!

  5. Your kids are so darn adorable! My allergies have been so bad this year I finally went in and got a steroid shot. It has really helped.

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