Here he comes!

My mom took Porter out this afternoon to wait for the ice cream truck. I went outside to get the mail and saw them sitting in lawn chairs, waiting for him to arrive HAHA! Of course I had to grab my camera. She had given Porter a dollar and he was holding it anxiously, looking for the truck.

He looked like such a big boy paying for his Tweety Bird ice cream. And he had the biggest grin on his face when he saw that it was an actual Tweety Bird.

And, of course… a few of Baby H in the cute onesie from Kim

A quick dip in the lake this evening… throwing rocks.

  1. The whole Ice Cream Truck thing is adorable! (except that Tweety Bird ice cream has some creepy looking eyes!!)My kids have yet to buy from the Ice Cream Man. I don’t even know if they know that that van actually SELLS ice cream… they’re excited enough to see him drive by, hear the music and the bell and wave to him. I’m afraid to let them in on the “secret” for fear I’ll then hear the request twice a day every day that he drives our neighborhood… We have a snow cone guy that drives by the pool every afternoon too!

  2. That is so cute! He’s going to be begging for the ice cream man everyday now:) I was always jealous of people that lived in neighborhoods that had an ice cream truck because I grew up in the ‘country’ with no ice cream man. boo!I think your two boys look a lot alike from the pictures you post. They are both super adorable!

  3. I love reading your blog Nicole and hearing about all the things life is throwing at you. The boys are darling and I am glad to hear you are feeling so great. 4 more weeks for me!

  4. omg. my kids are like pavlov trained dogs with the ice cream truck…and let me tell you the driver is one weird ass dude!

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