Happy Father’s Day

On Thursday, Porter was really upset that Ryan was at golf league. He always misses him when he’s away in the evenings (and often says during the day “I miss my daddy…” so sweet). He told me he wanted to go golfing with daddy, so I suggested we take daddy to miniature golf for Father’s Day. Porter was pretty excited about it. He’d went to mini golf with Ryan once before, about a month or two ago, but they haven’t been back since.

I now see why.

This kid has no attention span! I’m not kidding. Our relaxing, Father’s Day family outing was not near as relaxing as I’d imagined. Porter hit the ball for about the first 4 holes and then after that he was more interested in climbing stairs, looking at the water, picking up our balls and dropping them in the holes, crawling under tunnels and just plain anything else but hitting the ball HAHA!

I wore Hudson in the Hotsling, which worked great. Once I got him in and settled, he went to sleep and didn’t make another sound. I felt like such a granola mom all wearing my kid HAHA! I golfed a little bit, took pictures a little bit, and chased Porter a little bit. Whew!

The first hole… while it was still entertaining to him…

The proof that I was there. Ryan took this picture. I had handed him the camera so I could golf and he took a few pics. I cracked up when I reviewed them later this evening. They’re all of my feet/legs! HAHA! Well, there’s at least proof I was there, right?

Attempting to show him how to hold the golf club, against Porter’s wishes…. “NO! I do it myself!” he says.

And…what he REALLY wanted to do all day…

Granola Mom, Snot-Nosed Boy and Sleeping Babe.

  1. OH my,, well I guess the boys wont be golfing partners later in life. LOL! Great pic of you and the boys, well one boy, the other being hidden. LOL!

  2. How fun (well, for the first 4 holes at least…lol)! How do you like your hotsling? My mom got me two for the twins, but I’m totally not sure what size to get.

  3. Hi, I’m a friend of Kim’s and peruse your blog occasionally…where did you get your adoreable polka dotted baby wrappy thing? Thanks!

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