We have the cutest nieces

Porter and Hudson have had a great weekend with all their girly cousins. Its kind of funny… Ryan and I have only boys. Lori (Ry’s sister) and Don have 3 girls and my sister has a girl and another on the way this fall. So, the boys have no boy cousins… but have 5 girl cousins all right around the same ages. I do have to say, we have the cutest nieces in the world… all 4 (soon to be 5) of them.

After golf, we went over to Ry’s parents to have dinner. Normally we go camping over Father’s Day weekend but this year Ryan’s dad’s side of the family is having a big reunion next weekend so we skipped the camping trip.

I took advantage of the overcast day and took a TON of pictures of the kids. Well, just a few of Hudson, and a lot of the girls and Porter!

Miss Shae Shae..


And Brenna…

Mad because we had to go inside to eat…

Burning off some energy after dinner…

A little mushroom that Lia found in the grass

Don’t these girls have the bluest eyes ever??

  1. Ok.. I love them all. Quick photoG question… SEems like all the pictures I’m taking lately, the eyes are really dark. Like I look at yours, and the eyes are color. Is this PP or, just the way your shot turned out? I just have so much to learn, so I wanted to ask. Can ya tell me, or is this a secret? haha… Or what in the heck am I doing wrong!?!

  2. Cute pictures! I’d love a post on how you get those shining, colorful eyes as well. I’ve taken a few cheesy community ed photography classes, and the teacher said “even when outdoors you should use a flash to capture catchlights in the eyes.” I thought that sounded odd, and I do not care for the look of flash when natural light is in abundance. Were your subjects looking into the “sun” in these, in order for you to get the nice catchlights? Any photog tutorials you would care to provide would be excellent!!!

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