Day 1 of the "Plan": Completed

I woke up at 9am this morning and headed over to H House. I stopped at Menards to pick up two cans of primer and a gallon of “Favorite Socks” blue for Porter’s room.

After EIGHT hours at the house… Grandma accomplished cleaning 2 bathrooms (yes, it took that long. They were seriously that dirty) and I accomplished painting Porter’s room (walls and trim) and the hallway (walls and trim). I also sanded the living room spackle holes, so I think tomorrow I’m going to head over there and throw a coat of primer on it.

I am a tad nervous about all this work I’m doing. Naughty naughty! I think, though, at this point if we got in trouble I could plead insanity and have a pretty convincing case, don’t you think? LOL!

I took pictures, and will post them for “OPAM”. I should probably call it “OPAD” since this house will be much more than one project a month.

I have no idea why two of these pics are showing up sideways…. weird.

  1. The difference between the dirty bathroom pics and the clean – is AMAZING! Looks like you are getting a lot accomplished! Good luck with the rest!!

  2. Way to go! You guys got a TON of stuff done! If you don’t mind me asking, what material are your tubs made out of? Are they those plastic type surrounds and if so what did you use to get them so clean? I’m ready to rip mine out because they are so difficult to get *really* clean, but yours look fanstastic!

  3. Nicole (Kim’s friend again; BTW thanks for the info about the sling!), what did you use for cleaning your tub? We just bought a house and there’s a lot of grime that I can’t get out…maybe it’s just elbow grease? Thanks!

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