More house talk. I know, I know… I’m getting boring. Sorry bout that.

Today’s finished projects:

  • primed living room
  • finished stripping wallpaper in Hudson’s room (which we’ve decide we’re going to use as the guest room)
  • sanded the wood floors in the hallway between the living room and kitchen

**Huge thanks to my grandma for coming for the third time and cleaning windows… what the heck would I do without her? And more thanks to LeeAnn for helping me paint and strip wallpaper.

We’re swapping Hudson’s room, which ultimately makes more work for us. We decided to put him in the room across the hall from us- the green room with the walk in closet- b/c it has larger wall space to put his crib and the door is not at the top of the stairs. The walk in closet must have used to have a door to both bedrooms (our room and the green room), and the doorway in our room has been closed off. We’re actually going to close off the doorway in the green room (Hudson’s) and re-open it into our room.

So… up next this week will be the following projects:

  • paint the ceiling in Hudson’s room white (its a grayish tan, making the room seem dark)
  • paint Hudson’s room ‘sublime lime’
  • paint the living room
  • begin stripping the wallpaper in our room

Once we close on the house we’ll refinish the livingroom floors and begin the closet reconfiguration.

I spoke with the loan officer today and we are still on schedule to close this week. Still no for sure date/time, but this week sometime.

  1. Hey great idea on the bedroom switch and the change for the closet! Do you have a closet in your room currently? That will definitely make that house more perfect with a walk in closet in your room!

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