We went to Ikea and all we got was this lousy….


Heather, LeeAnn and I drove to Ikea today to drool over all their awesome things. I have a million ideas spinning in my head. I must save up $988 to buy this entire office/scrapbook room setup. Love it!

Anyhow, we spent 4.5 hours going through Ikeas 311,000sq ft of awesomeness. I ended up purchasing a pretty big item that took some finagling to get into my car. Let’s just say Heather didn’t have very much room in the back seat!

Tomorrow Heather and I are going to work on a house project and surprise Ryan when he gets home. The project involves the new item I purchased at Ikea. So, what do you think it is?

  1. I am guessing it is a table of some kind. I love Ikea stuff, but haven’t been to the store yet. I too have to save some money before I go. I have been watching craigslist for Ikea stuff, but I am sure the store is well worth going into.

  2. Hmm… just to be different than other people I’ll say couch or bed of some sort?I love ikea… we go there every time we are home… Patrick is from Canton!

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