No time to blog

I know you’re all in suspense. I hope to have pictures of our “project” posted later this week. I still have a few final touches to do and I will attempt a huge “before/after” post of some of the things we’ve done in the house so far.

The Morrisons were here from Friday to today. It was great to have them here! They were a huge help and Heather got me motivated to get some projects done that I probalby would have put off due to being seriously burnt out on working on this house. The kids were so good together. The last time we were at the Morrisons it seemed like there was a lot more of Porter crying and Sawyer screaming at him than there was of them playing together as friends. The boys were little buddies and Porter always seems to love playing with Savannah.

Bedtime with the kids was far from fun, I’ll say. Most nights it took us almost 2 hours to get all the kids asleep. And they were all in different rooms! One evening we found Sawyer and Porter in Hudson’s room slathering on lotion and vaseline. They were put back in bed. And not long after I found Sawyer in Porter’s room- they had the bottle of lotion again. I shooed Sawyer back to the hallway to go to his room and he gripped the railing and said “NoooO!” I picked him up, pried him off the railing and attempted to carry him back to his room while he kicked and protested. Then I went to scold Porter and he screamed “I want my GRAAAANDMAAA!” and threw himself a pity party. Sawyer heard him and it cracked me up because here was his little voice from his dark room at the other end of the hallway saying “Porrrter! Porrrrter!” They’re becoming partners in crime…. little hooligans! And, of course… Porter was found not long after that back in Hudsons room with the lotion and vaseline. He got a nice crack on his butt that time.

Anyhow… the Morrisons left today and we attempted to get a few pictures of the kids together. It was interesting. After they left I put Porter down for a nap and attempted to clean and organize my house. We have so much to do- I’ve been making lists of things like… move dog gates to basement….. paint trim in Hudson’s room….. fold clothes in our room…. put up mini blinds in Hudson’s room… put up shelf in Porter’s room… I finally caught up on paying bills and balancing our checkbook. I also had an interview today for a middle school special ed position. I’m not wanting the position all that much, but to work full time would be great. The interview was a “pre screening” for internal employees (which I technically am not as I don’t have a contract). The job is being posted externally until Tuesday, so after they get a response from that the principal will be getting back with me Tuesday about either a “real” interview or a “thanks, but no thanks”.

So… that’s whats been going on here lately. Busy busy busy! I have a session tomorrow with newborn TWINS and I can’t wait! I’m nervous. I also have what seems like a zillion clients to schedule but I just haven’t had the time to sit down and figure out a schedule.

A few pics from this past week….

Look where I found Porter crashed out for his nap…

  1. Can’t wait to see the before and after pics too! It looks like you’ve been having a blast! (the hanging out with the Morrisons…not the work! ๐Ÿ™‚

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