The 31 cent picture

I hardly want to disclose what I had to do in order to get one single picture of Porter and Hudson together. But, for humor sake, I will.

I bribed him. With money. I paid my son a total of 31 cents to get him to be in the same frame with his brother. Porter’s big “things” lately are money and keys. He usually has one or the other with him. (key story to follow… just for documentation) If he happens to hear your pockets jingle- watch out because he’ll no sooner hear it and be telling you he needs your money. I bet I could send him on the streets and he’s make a killing as a cute little beggar HAHA!

Anyhow, after bribing and threatening and “paying ” Hudson’s piggy bank 5 cents (in which Porter was ticked about and that finally got him motivated to do what I wanted because… GASP! Hudson got money and he didn’t!), I finally got a worthwhile picture. By this point Hudson had passed out LOL!
So… the key story. Porter loves keys. He is always trying to “unlock” our car doors and all the doors in our house. Just before we moved, he kept asking for our keys saying that he needed our keys (if you’re around Porter enough you’ll notice a trend… he “needs” a lot of things… “I just need to go outside” “I just need to get that thing over there” “I just need to have some cookies”). I told Porter when I made some copies of our new house keys I’d make him a key for his own key ring (I was really only going to buy a blank key… not give my 2 year old an actual house key LOL!). Well, another thing you should know about Porter is he has a memory that lasts forever. When we moved into the house he asked me “Did you make me a key yet?” Sheesh! Well, then a few days later we found a keyring with some keys we had no idea what they went to anymore. Porter saw them and said “OH! You made me my keys! Thanks!” and off he went. For the past week he’s been carrying those damn keys around all day.

Now, Hudson’s turn. I was taking picture of him today and playing Peek-a-book from behind the camera. I had him laughing so hard it was adorable. His big toothless grin, his screechy laugh. SO cute!

We’ve been attempting to put him on a semi-regular schedule. For the past few days he’s been up at 7ish and down for a nap around 9am. He usually takes about 4 naps a day, depending on the length. He might nap from 9-10 and then 12-1 and then 2-4 and then 5:30-6 or so. Although sometimes he’ll take one long afternoon nap and a short evening nap. He’s been taking a bottle around 7 and in bed between 7:30 and 8. Last night he slept from 8pm-3am and then was up for the day at 7. Not too bad, although I’d rather him sleep from 12-7 as I’m a night owl and like to be up late. I’m not super strict on a rigid schedule, but I think he needs some sort of consistency now that we’re settled and getting life back to normal.

A few more pictures…. he will be 10 weeks old tomorrow.

  1. Oh my word – the key story is too funny! You should give him a spare set in case you ever lose yours! :o)Cute pics of Hudson. I can’t believe he will be 10 weeks old! He’s growing so fast!

  2. Wow… I can’t believe Hudson is getting so big already! It seems like just yesterday that you had him! Your boys are absolutely adorable together 🙂

  3. 10 weeks – holy time flies! the fact that porter is making money off you taking his picture these days: priceless. i understand the obsession because tucker is the same way right now with any $ he can get his little paws on! 🙂

  4. Sawyer’s the same way with “monies”. I find him lifting change out of my purse, Savannah’s purse, the car, our catch all basket on the kitchen counter, etc. all the time! He’s obsessed! And now he’d rather stockpile his pockets than transfer it to his piggy bank most of the time. At least you can hear him coming!That picture you caught of the two boys is well worth the 31 cents though! Adorable!!

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